Bend me in half (Resolutions, Day 96)

I don’t know if it was some art I saw on Twitter, or horny tweets I read on Twitter, or maybe just the vibe I get from Twitter in general. But these past few days I’ve definitely had the idea on my head of getting held down and pounded, legs over my head like a good little breeding bitch. That’s a direct quote from Mistress Charlotte, which is probably why it comes so easily to my mind. It’s just something about that pose – so vulnerable, so… open. Truly ready and willing to just be filled by something thick and hard, driven deep inside, over and over. And there’s options, too – do you just have me holding my legs up in place, keeping them out of the way so you can achieve the optimal fucking angle? Would you want to hold me down yourself, pressing down on me, leaning in to hear my moans as your cock grinds on that special little button deep inside me? Or would you rather use the power of technology, and keep me in place with restraints? Cuffs at the ankles, or maybe a spreader, fixed somewhere on the headboard. My hands in a similar situation, being kept safely out of the way, so I can’t interrupt anything important – literally can’t resist you in any way. All that I am would be open before you – yours to touch, to toy with, to use and abuse. Yours to fill, and smack, and fill, and pinch, and squeeze, and fill, and fill, and fill.

…phew. All of that’s tough, though, when you’re a slut who’s ALSO rather tall. Like, I promise I’m not trying to humblebrag about this – “oh, no, guys it’s so hard being this tall” – but it’s simply a fact that if I were smaller, I’d be much easier to womanhandle and toss around. Not that it’s impossible now, certainly. In fact, in a sense, it’s kinda hotter this way – either I have to absolutely obey to achieve the same effect (which I will) or I get restrained until I literally can’t resist whatever’s being done to me anyway. Either way, just as much a slut, just in a different kind of way. Plus, you have to admit, the juxtaposition of tiny Domme and massive slut (in size as well as in sluttery) is pretty fucking hot. It also means I can do all the useful tall person things – reach the high shelves (great for malewifery), piggybacking Mistress when she doesn’t feel like walking – and of course, when there’s this much of me, I’d make a great coffee table / footrest for her, and any guests she happens to be entertaining. Fun! Thanks for reading.

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