Brain Status: Washed (Resolutions, Day 89)

Bleh, Mistress is feeling sick. It’s always frustrating when this sort of thing happens to someone you care about, and there’s nothing you can really do. Admittedly, even if I were closer geographically, there’s still not much I could do, other than be on constant tea-refilling duties. But from far away I can’t even do that! All I can do is radiate positive energies her way and hope for the best. I’m not going to dwell on it too much – I sent a little “get well soon!” gift her way, I’ve at least done something – so let’s move on to the horn, shall we?

Another Laundry Day comes and goes, and my brain feels all the cleaner for having been washed so thoroughly. I went back to the classic Project Trance-Formation for today, and it’s always a delight. I love the slight feeling of confusion I get when I turn the loop off, even briefly – it’s like, my mind has gotten so used to hearing Mistress Charlotte’s words reminding me of what I am, that not having her there just feels… wrong. So much better to be told all about how I don’t want control, or power, or any of that. All I want is to be told what to do. All I want is to be made better, made useful, for my superiors. All I want is to be filled, stretched out, pounded, stuffed full. And then, of course, thinking those thoughts – those truths – gets the contents of that chastity cage straining against their confines.

Because, it’s all true, of course. It may have even been true before I listened to it, but that was such a long time ago now that it’s not really worth thinking about. I’m listening to it now, is the point, and it’s all absolutely true. And because it’s true, I find it incredibly hot. I adore being submissive, and obedient, and useful. And, thanks to Mistress, I can be! I need to be controlled, and enslaved – I crave it with an urgency that has me twitching just thinking about it. This really is my nature, I think. So why should I bother even trying to fight it? Why would I? I love being this way, and I’ll happily discard any power, control, free will – whatever I have to, just so that I can be the slave I need to be. I need to be controlled, and Mistress Charlotte wants to control me, so there’s really no reason why I’d ever do anything other than happily, blissfully, mindlessly submit. If that results in her taking me apart and putting me back together in a more pleasing form, I’m hardly going to complain.

…God, between writing these words and hearing them in my mind at the same time – of course the loops keep going while I’m writing – this cage really is getting rather tight. All it takes is a few hot words (admittedly spread out on repeat across several hours) and a slutty mind to concentrate on them, and that’s it. Maybe chastity is affecting me more than I thought after all? I think Mistress’s words have pretty much always had this effect on me, though. Even back in the day, it never took too much from her to get into my brain and start flipping all the horny switches. And that was before I was locked up, before I was exposed to brainwashing on end all day. I must be a really easy slut now… I kinda love that, though. Thanks for reading 💜

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