Getting In The Mood (Resolutions, Day 87)

I’ll let you know up front – I’ve been playing a decent amount of Elden Ring this evening. We’re getting pretty endgame, at last, I think! And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the combination of immense difficulty and rather melancholy endgame events has not left me in a massively kinky mood! The problem with writing one of these every day, you see, is that not only do they require you to be horny every day (easily achieved, but the timing has to line up with when I want/have time to sit down and write), but they also require you to be horny in different ways. I’m already feeling like I spend most of these repeating the words “slut” and “malewife” over and over. Now, living that is all well and good – I actually quite like how normalised those concepts are feeling for me these days, along with the everyday slavery. But for writing purposes… IDK. I feel like I have to at least try and mix it up a little, you know? If only there were a way for me to do that…

Oh. Yeah, that might help.

That’s right, my kinky parcel arrived! One humbler, for humbling those who need it; and one nine-inch dildo, complete with balls. And also a little, uh, silicone nubbin on the side there? I guess it’s so you can feel the texture while it’s still in the store. Pretty cute, honestly! I’m pretty certain I was right in saying it’s the same model as the one I have – and while I haven’t taken it out to compare yet, I’m equally sure they’re the same size. How delightful! I’d hate to be asymmetrically spitroasted. As for being double-stuffed, I’m not certain my capabilities stretch (ha!) that far just yet, but clearly that just means more training is required. I… don’t quite know how one does that training, but I’m sure plenty of getting fucked can’t hurt? Honestly I’ve never thought much about getting DP’d that way. I think I’ve liked it when it’s come up in porn? It’ll be quite some time before I’m at pornstar levels of… openness, though.

And the humble humbler! I obviously liked the idea of them before, otherwise I wouldn’t’ve gotten one, but it’s only having seen the illustration on the side that I realise just how much they limit your movement.

I also love the description using gender-neutral pronouns for the sub… right up until the end when they drop a couple of “him”s in there. Nice try guys!

It really does keep a sub in their place, doesn’t it? I wonder how well it’ll play with chastity… I imagine it should be fine? Can’t you just picture it – a slut, locked up, collared, stuck in place on their hands and knees. Oh, they could stand up, of course – but it won’t be comfortable, oh no. And, besides, why would I really want to? I was put here for a reason, I’m sure – and obedience always, always, in all ways, feels better than trying to do things for myself. No, it’s much better if I stay exactly where I’ve been put. And if that happens to be the perfect position for a certain Mistress to have her way with me, well… I certainly won’t be complaining.

You know, this actually ended up rather hornier than I expected. Good on me! Thanks for reading.

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