I’ve found my people (Resolutions, Day 86)

Yes, much like you, I first thought that Twitter’s latest “feature that nobody asked for, or wanted”, Communities, would be of no use to me whatsoever. Just another bit of UI for me to occasionally hit and go “oh yeah, this exists”. But! Then I found that a delightful person, Girl on the Net, had made one called, simply, Sluts. And with a name like that, well, how could I not? They’re quite literally my people.

Truthfully, though, I admit I was a little concerned how well I’d fit into a group of sluts. Sounds stupid, I know – “don’t you yourself and Mistress Charlotte call you slut all the time?”. And, yeah, that’s true. It’s no exaggeration to say she’s called me “slut” far, far more often than my own name. And I’ve no doubt she knows a slut when she sees one! But, outside of this dynamic, being a slut tends to mean going out, fucking around, a new person every night, etc etc. I’ve done slutty things, many and varied, make no mistake. But I don’t do that, don’t actually go out and fuck / get fucked. This isn’t, like, a “oh if only somebody would make me literally whore myself out 😉😉😉” type thing – I don’t feel any particular desire to go do that, and I’m more than happy with the progression my current sluttery is taking. But, it’s like, if I’m going into a group of people calling themselves sluts, will the assumption be that I do that? Will I be seen as, god forbid, a fake slut?! 😱

Anyway, all of that was totally unfounded. I posted this same pic of me caged and commando’d, ready for work, and people seemed to quite like it!

I followed it up with the classic slutty embroidery pictures (which I’m still really pleased with btw) and they enjoyed that too! Idk how much I’ll post there overall, but seeing other people’s sluttery will always be fun too. I’ve already found a couple of cool people to follow from there!

In other news, today was my (I think) first day ever being caged and commando in public! It was kinda thrilling – I could definitely feel it more than I expected to. My job is not an especially horny one – not at all, in fact – so it’s not like I was squirming in my chair, dick straining against the cage as filthy thoughts constantly ran through my mind. But when they DID run through, you can be damn sure I knew all about it. Something about it being less supported by the underwear, more free, kept it in my mind all day. Can’t really call going to work commando non-slutty, can I?

Not much else to say here today! My humbler + second dildo package isn’t here yet, although it being in the country at least gives me hope it’ll arrive this week. I’ve also got another parcel on the way which I don’t remember if I’ve talked about – and if I haven’t, I might keep it a surprise. If I have, then… well, you already know what I’m talking about, and this just sounds insane. Oops. Thanks for reading.

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