Back to… School? (Resolutions, Day 85)

I listened to Mistress Charlotte’s Hot for Teacher this evening, after she posted it for subscribers on her Loyalfans. Fun fact: you could become a subscriber right now, for the incredibly good deal of just $10 a month! Anyway, I’m really enjoying having a reason to go back and listen to some of these sessions I haven’t heard in a long, long time. And while I don’t usually go in for roleplay situations like this, there is something rather thrilling about the teacher-Domme idea. It’s a classic for a reason, you know? A naughty slut staying behind after class, a teacher who’s just so incredibly hot – the slightest hint that this is something wrong, taboo, but one that only increases the intoxicating hotness of it all. An especially frustrating session to listen to in chastity! But also a good reminder that there are so many ways to be dominant – you don’t have to dress like a Dominatrix and only peg your subs. You can wear your hair up and have them fuck you exactly how you like it on top of your desk! Whatever way you choose to be dominant, whatever works for you – that is domination, to me. No “real Dommes only do this” or “if you do that then you’re not actually a Domme” – fuck that! Do whatever you like with your subs – what could be more dominant than that? It’s none of anyone else’s business anyway.

I was going to pivot from Hot for Teacher into talking about what a great idea some sort of slut school would be, but as I sit here and look at my slutty embroidery, sitting pride of place on the kitchen wall, it occurs to me that… I might already be in one? Mistress is already making sure I’m outfitted with a good array of wife-skills (and potentially a new slut outfit), and every new task is just another way that I’m learning to be a better slut for her. And in a sense, that’s so much better than the classic school system of having specialised teachers for each subject. Here, there’s really only one class – Being A Good Boy For Mistress 101. And I’m learning from the most qualified person in the world to teach on the subject.

…sorry, I’m just looking at my embroidery again. It’s fun to have this physical evidence of my sluttery, you know? I mean, it’s there in plenty of other places too, of course – the collar I keep around my neck, the bowl on the floor, the secret drawer packed to the brim with sexy toys. But there’s just something special about this. It’s like, hey, I made this thing – not only does it literally call me a whore, but the sole reason I made it is because a powerful woman told me I’d make for a better malewife this way, and if I do that then I can spend more time servicing my Mistress and getting groped, so everybody wins. I spent time, and effort, and a decent amount of money learning this new skill, and I did it to become a better slut. It’s nice to think about, isn’t it?

And I’d do it all over again, too. If it’ll make me more of a whore, or a more pleasing toy, or just a better slave for my superiors, for my Mistress – whatever it is, I’ll do it every single time. Thanks for reading.

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