Back to Work (Resolutions, Day 84)

Well, after a week pretty much off sick and another working from home, I was finally back in the office again today. It’s kinda nice to be around people again! Well, what people there were – it’s pretty much a ghost town in there atm, with everybody either working from home or off sick. The big C is definitely coming to town here – Auckland seems like they’ve hit their peak, but I think we’re still ramping up to ours down here, and we’re nearly catching up to them in terms of new cases, despite having like, a third of the population. Scary stuff. It feels pretty inevitable, at this point, that I’ll just end up getting it eventually. I had a pretty good run, though!

So, yeah, pros of being in the office: get to see my team and talk with them in person, also I probably get more work done. Cons of working in the office: I can’t just go around openly being a slut. Apparently that’s “frowned upon” and an “HR violation”? Bunch of prudes. It was tricky in the morning, though, explaining how my weekend was. How do I explain that I spent it doing slutty embroidery because I’m an owned little malewife who NEEDS to be bent over the kitchen counter? “Arts and crafts“? “I picked up a new hobby“? Or the fact that I did some household chores – naked, plugged, caged and collared – and sent a video of it to my Mistress on the other side of the world to enjoy? “Caught up with friends“? Tidied up the place“? I think I’m the end I went for the always reliable “it was a pretty quiet one” – sluttery aside, it usually is.

It’s my first time being caged in this office, too, come to think of it. It didn’t really make much of a difference to the day (obviously, my dick doesn’t usually come up in workplace conversation), other than trips to the bathroom and having to be a little more subtle about reorganising when there’s discomfort. Although, there is a Commando Day coming up this week, that should be interesting… I don’t remember if I’ve ever combined these two methods of sluttery before? I still love how chastity is a slutty thing, to me. You know, that thing that, like, monks do? Are there slutty monks? I bet there are. I think I’m getting distracted. Point is, chastity feels like it’s supposed to be about, y’know, purity and whatever, and here I am, locking my dick away because a pretty lady told me to. Because I’m too much of a whore, too much of a horny little slut, to think of anything but my cock, her property (her cock?). And even then, it still didn’t work, because guess what – being in chastity is sexy too! And, better yet, I have all these holes to fill! I don’t even need to touch that slutty dick – I can just get filled and pounded instead! Yaaaay!

Of course, all of that is predicated on me being in chastity for my own good in the first place. However, we know full well that this is not, in fact, the case. The sole reason I’m in chastity – the entire point of the whole thing – is because it amuses Mistress Charlotte to know that her slut is all locked-up and horny on the other side of the world. And that’s exactly how it’ll be, until she decides otherwise.

…*sighs dreamily*. Aren’t I the luckiest whore in the world? 🥰 Thanks for reading.

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