I promise I do more than embroidery (Resolutions, Day 81)

What can I say, it’s been on my mind a lot recently! For obvious reasons – I’ve just had all the slut supplies arrive, and it is a task after all. It’s actually pretty fun getting a new hobby, even if it’s not one I decided on for myself. In a way, actually, that makes it all the better! I would never, ever, have thought of doing some embroidery, even if I was thinking up malewifey things to do. Cooking, cleaning, sure. Baking, yeah, makes sense. A few of the other duties I can’t really practice by myself – getting groped in the kitchen, serving between your legs, etc… Embroidery makes total sense – I just wouldn’t have come up with it myself!

Anyway, it’s going pretty well! Take a look:

I think I could finish it off tonight if I tried, but I’m not going to rush it. Tomorrow will be the perfect day for it – I’ll have the washing on, with Mistress’s brainwashing loops playing on repeat, while I sit on the couch and do my little arts and crafts. It’s the ideal malewife setup! I’m kinda surprised, as I write about it for the [x]th day in a row, just how much I’ve taken this idea on board. But I mean… it’s just great, isn’t it? I get to be useful, cooking and cleaning, doing the washing. Making a house into a home, making it your home. Giving you a comfortable, nice, place to come back to after a long day in the office. You can sit back and put your feet up – on my back, if you like – and vent about an annoying co-worker, or cheer about how well your latest project is going. It’s just the culmination of so many factors – being of service to my Mistress, that ever-lovely theme of casual femdom, the role reversal of societal expectations, being a man who’s a stay-at-home slut. And yes, of course, if I get my ass spanked in the hallway, or bent over the kitchen counter and railed, I’m hardly going to complain. Surely that’s the duty of any good malewife, to take care of their Mistress’s needs?

Side note to that, actually – I was trying to google “how to invert colours on paint” when I was having trouble getting the design onto the fabric, and the way I slid my fingers over the keyboard caused it to read “how to obey” instead – genuine accident, I swear (although I’m hardly surprised, it learned it from me after all). But when I looked at the google searches that popped up:

I’m talking about the third one, although honestly none of them are good.

Which, like… That’s weird, right? Like, I know I talk about obeying Mistress Charlotte often (OK, fine, very often), and yes, it’s commonly sexual in nature. But this reads less as a kink, and more as like a “this is what is expected of me, how the fuck do I do this” type thing. The actual search results for that, btw, are about what you’d expect:

It’s just… IDK. When I talk about it in the context of kink, as part of an agreed upon dynamic, it feels (obviously) fine. Even if there were CNC type stuff involved, even when I’m saying that I’d gladly agree to any order she gave me, even when I’m listening to her voice tell me that I will never disobey – this is something that both of us want. When I see it talked about like this, though, it kinda creeps me the fuck out. Wanting to please your partner is one thing, and of course that’s great! It’s commendable. But hearing that described as “obeying your husband sexually”, and then adding that to this “biblical sexology” list of rules that good (Christian) wives must follow – complete with Bible references for each rule, so you know they must be correct…

Man, fuck this.

Maybe I’ve just surrounded myself with so many Dommes, spent so much time reading from and talking to these powerful women, that I forgot this kind of thinking still exists. I realise that’s immense male privilege speaking, to just “stop thinking” about the mainstream idea of women being subservient to their husbands… I don’t even really know what else to say about this, it sucks.

Sorry, I was going to stop it there, but then I actually went back and read some of those rules. “Sometimes sex will be physically pleasureful for you and sometimes it won’t be physically pleasureful for you, but either way if you satisfy your husband then you will be fulfilled knowing that you have pleased your man.” What the fuck are you talking about?!

“6. Men are visual creatures and you need to keep your body in shape and always look your best. Work out and eat right to keep slim and sexy. Pay attention to your hair and makeup even if you are just at home. Embrace body modifications if your husband thinks they will enhance your beauty.” Holy shit. This is genuinely vile stuff. I know this is just one list sent in to one blog, but my fucking god, I hate this.

“9. Sometimes your husband will need to punish you when you fall short of his expectations. Be grateful that he takes the time to correct your behavior and thank him for helping to make you a better Christian wife.” I’m actually in shock reading these. Do people truly believe this is normal? This shit belongs in the realm of consensual kink, and nowhere fucking else.

Sorry to end that on a weird downer tangent, I had no idea that was going to shake out like that. Thanks for reading? Fucking hell.

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