Happy Third Slutiversary! (Resolutions, Day 79)

So, as you may have seen me tweet earlier, today is the third anniversary of me being owned by Mistress Charlotte.

I really can’t gush enough about how much of a delight it’s been to be hers over these years. Even if I just stuck to the concrete things that have happened – the house rules, getting me to my first in-person session, the non-custom customs and the live premiere of l’Objet d’Art, the tasks, the casual use… I could go on forever just about them – in fact I already have, on this very blog. But it’s the less tangible things that have really made this special, to my mind. The way she calls me “slut” like it’s my name, enough so that I hear it more as a term of affectionate endearment than anything else. The confidence I’ve built, so that I’m actually able to interact in this kink space. The knowledge that I can be useful to her, make her smile, serve her pleasure, even from the other side of the world. I can pretty honestly say that looking back on these three years (three years! Madness!), I would not change a single thing. Thank you, Mistress, for everything that you are, everything that you do, everything you allow me to do for you. Here’s to many more years in your service.

But I’m not just here to gush about how much slavery means to me. No – in celebration of this Slutiversary, Mistress gave me a task earlier this morning – stuff myself full with a plug, and listen to five different hypno files, from five different Dommes. In her words – what better way to celebrate abject sluttery, than to make me be one? Which is pretty impossible to argue with. So I assembled a list of hypno-dommes – Amethyst, Goddess Haylee, Miss Lexa, Ember, and of course, Mistress Charlotte herself. And then, after I was finished with work, I began, setting myself up with a rather daunting sounding three-and-a-half hour playlist.

I started with Amethyst’s Temptation, a file you can get for free right now by signing up to her newsletter! I hadn’t actually listened to this one before, and I have to say it was a really lovely experience. It’s all about being, well, tempted – tempted into submission, into obedience, surrendering up everything and just accepting the bliss of subservience. And while I’m not necessarily in need of any coercion in that regard – remember, I’m three years in now – I certainly won’t argue with a little extra help. It starts out very sweet, almost innocent – but by the end, I was exactly where she wanted me, empty-headed and eagerly willing to submit.

Following on from that, we went straight into Goddess Haylee’s Mind Melt. I’ve listened to this one a few times before, but my god, you wouldn’t know it from how hard it hit me. She mentions in the session description that it’s a particularly deep conditioning file, and it truly does feel like one. I knew I wanted to have this one early on, to really turn my mind to mush before I exposed it to the rest of the sessions, and it exceeded expectations in that regard. I use the word “mindless” on here a lot, and I can’t think of a more apt word to describe me after this session. Not thinking, not even able to try and think, just obeying. And then, without any time to recover, we were straight into the next.

Which was, of course, Miss Lexa’s Chutes and Ladders. I’ve always enjoyed the theming in Miss Lexa’s files – how so many of them are all based around games, and specifically losing those games, to her. As the name implies, Chutes and Ladders took me up and down, in and out of trance on her whim, and it’s a really powerful effect. I’m always a little unsure that fractionation type things will work well on me or not – I tend to think I’ll just come out of trance and stay there – but that certainly was not the case here. All the while, my confused little mind was being reminded that losing to Miss Lexa was always inevitable – it’s simply the way things are. Pretty girls win, and dumb, mindless, subservient boys lose. And, well, everyone involved seems to like it that way, so why fix what ain’t broke?

Moving my poor, fractionated brain on to the next file – Ember’s Useful. What stood out to me straight away in this one was the lack of any background music – instead, we get a really personal-sounding experience, as Ember gets really close to the mic as she brings us down. This one is really great, and I adore the fantasies she details. I can really see myself in them – my back a coffee table for her drink, my dick a hook for her purse – and my sluthole a vase for her flowers. Funny that she mentions a tunnel plug, when Mistress Charlotte only just brought the idea into my head the other day! I recall listening to this one way, way back in the day, long before I knew I was actually into objectification kink. Or, maybe I did know – I do remember liking this one quite a bit, although it wouldn’t be until later in my kink career that I realised exactly how much I liked the idea of being used and useful.

And, speaking of, tonight’s final file was none other than Mistress Charlotte’s l’Objet d’Art. I couldn’t think of a more fitting file to end the celebrations with – being stuffed with the Hush and toyed with for the live premiere of this file is such a treasured memory to me (especially after all the hassle it took to set up, parcels getting lost in the post, etc etc…). It’s safe to say that the lead-up to this file, and then of course the file itself, resulted in what I now consider one of my main kinks – to be of use to my Mistress, to be enjoyed as a thing, to provide any service she wishes to her and her friends. And I don’t just mean, like, “oh I hope she orders me to jerk off” or whatever – real, actually useful service. Which, I realise, can be tricky to put into place over such a long distance. At the end of the day, if there’s something she wants me to do, something that would please her, then I’ll do it. Anything, everything – always, and in all ways.

And that concludes my review of tonight’s Slutiversary celebrations! Thanks for reading – here’s to another year of abject sluttery.

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