Malewife Musings (Resolutions, Day 76)

So, I’m a slut, obviously. I call myself one, Mistress Charlotte calls me one, that’s just how it is. I also enjoy the idea of being a malewife! It’s not exactly logistically possible for me to fully enact that at the moment, seeing as there’s nobody for me to, uh, service, but the concept is absolutely delightful. I also also talk a lot about being taken, used, pounded until I’m stuffed full and left a dripping, well-bred whore. All of these are obvious truths.

Now, to my mind, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume I’d be into what I consider the intersection of those three things – being a sissy! Surely there’s overlap between being a malewife and a sissy maid – and they’re all sluts, too, so there’s that! But… it’s never really appealed to me at all, to be honest. And I can’t quite pin down why that is! There’s the feminisation aspect, I guess – but while it’s not personally a kink of mine, I’m not so against it that I’d put it down as a limit or anything. But I think it’s more the way it seems to be handled in a sissy context. Keep in mind that I’m not particularly familiar with either sissification OR feminisation, so I could be completely wrong about this – but the feminisation feels like it’s mostly used for humiliation purposes. Which feels weird when it’s supposed to be part of a femdom thing? Like, I can’t quite wrap my head around submitting to a powerful woman, while she’s telling you what a slutty little girl you are? There’s also the angle of proving your submission/sluttery by sucking cock – which I know isn’t necessary to any sissy stuff, but it’s still a thing. At this stage I’m still straight, so that doesn’t really appeal – plus… male Dommes kinda weird me out? Like, I’ve seen maledoms that’re into findom and etc., and… Idk, it just feels strange to me.

The other biggest thing, I think, is that sissy stuff feels like it’s considered more… selfish(?) than how I think about malewifery? I promise I didn’t intend for this to just be me shit-talking sissies – I know a couple myself and they’re absolutely lovely people, so it’s not like this applies to everyone. But I’ve seen multiple Dommes in my time consider a bit less favourably, although why I’m not quite sure. It does kinda seem like the focus is different – acting as a malewife, I feel like, is solely for the pleasure/convenience for the Domme, making things easier for her after a long day, letting her relax and take some stress out on you while you prepare dinner and keep her home clean. Sissy maids, on the other hand… Idk – again, I could be completely off on this – but I get the impression that they’re more of the “oh yes, make me clean the skirting boards, I hope I don’t do badly or you’ll have to punish me 😉😉😉” type thing.

And, look, I’m not writing this to say “heh, I’m soooo much better than those sissies”, or trying to justify why I’m not into it or whatever. People can like or dislike things, obviously! I was literally just thinking about it myself and wondering “wait, why aren’t I into that?”. Rest assured that the word “malewife” is still very much at the front of my mind. Thanks for reading!

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