Yet Another Laundry Day (Resolutions, Day 75)

So, I’ve made a couple of changes to these daily blogs, mostly on the recommendation of Mistress Charlotte. First, the titles are having a bit of a change-up – the “Resolutions” bit is turning into a subtitle, and they’ll all get proper titles. So, y’know, you can actually tell at a glance what the hell they’re about. I’ve also set up a separate site which I was originally going to post them all to going forward, to stop cluttering up my lovely little slave blog – but after consideration, I think I’m only going to do that for the ones that end up not being kinky in nature. If I’m doing kinky writing, it should be fine for it to keep living here, I think. So at some point, I’ll go through them all (75!! When did that happen?!) and remove the non-kinky ones. They’ll still be saved on the other site, though, so no worries there. I don’t think I’ll copy over the new blog posts every day, though – it’s just a bit too much effort to really be bothered with.

So, to summarise – any daily kinky posts will still be living here. Once a week, or a month, or whatever, I’ll copy them over to the resolution-specific site. Any non-kinky posts will just be straight up written on that site, and won’t have a home here any more. Ok! We all good? Excellent. Now I can get to the actual blog.

It’s the weekend here, which means that once again it’s time for Laundry Day. Usually I go for the classic Project Trance-Formation playlist – Dismantled, Blackout, Overdrive, and Whole – but today, listening just to Enslaved and Chaste felt entirely too fitting to do anything else. See, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Mistress put me back in chastity until my birthday. Which, for the record, is about five weeks (Assuming she lets me out then, that is). And despite the fact that it hasn’t even been THAT long since I was last locked up (nearly four months? I’m estimating from the date of my in-person session, because Mistress wanted me to be locked up for that), it’s feeling all new and exciting to me. It feels… nice, to be a locked-up slut again.

…that was my first blog topic on here! Huh.

Anyway, I think I’ve gotten entirely to used to being able to touch Mistress Charlotte’s property whenever I felt like it. I vividly remember her saying that, when she first locked me up – this dick belongs to her, and she will allow me access to it at her discretion. Which just makes me absolutely melt into the floor. And so, to make the most of this new feeling, I listened to Mistress tell me how enslaved I am, and how much I need to be locked up and denied, all day long. Which was simply lovely.

Chaste in particular has so much in it that just completely sticks in my head. The core tenets of “blank mind, empty head, full balls” – the delicious contradiction of being both empty and full. The way she describes the endlessly blissful feeling of being pent up and denied, and how orgasm would only ruin that carefully cultivated euphoria, all for ten seconds of damp pleasure. When she says that orgasm simply isn’t worth it, that denial is pleasure to me, that masturbation is pointless, and pales in comparison to the intense submission, that will swell and grow as I continue to obey and stay unfulfilled… It’s beautiful, to me. I could (and have, and will again) listen to her say it all day long. Denial is simply better – and it’s true, she’s right to say it!

A lot of the time, chastity isn’t that noticeable, much like how the brainwashing loops of a Laundry Day tend to fade into the background of whatever I’m watching, or get covered up by sounds from outside. But sometimes, when there’s a quiet spell, I’ll hear her words, clear as day, directly into my mind. It’s the same with chastity – if something I hear, or see, or read something arousing, I’ll be reminded right quick that I’m in chastity. That I’m locked up for my Mistress. That denial is pleasure for me, and masturbation is pointless before the bliss that it brings me.

It’s kind of a focus and a distraction at the same time, paradoxically. The cage draws all my attention to it when it makes itself known, and then it focuses that attention instead on Mistress Charlotte. I’m locked up because it’s what she wants, and her desires are my top priority. Which also ties quite nicely into Enslaved! I am Mistress Charlotte’s slave, and I exist in her service. I submit, and obey, and there just is no other choice. But that makes it sound like I’m forced into subservience, and that simply isn’t true. I belong to her, and I’ve been given the honour of being able to serve and worship at her altar. My slavery is a gift, and a blessing, and I treasure it every day. So when she wants me to be locked up tight, chaste and denied and blissfully unfulfilled, I gratefully obey. I hang on her every word like her slutty little puppy, I follow her orders as I would the word of a Goddess. I need to be enslaved, and she is kind enough to keep me in my place at her feet.

…I just had to get up and walk away from my phone after writing all of that last bit, because I was getting painfully excited. Fun fact – I can still hear the loops being played out loud no matter how far away I walk! Which is fun to think about. Thanks for reading – and thank you, Mistress.

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