Resolutions, Day 68

Here’s today’s Hot Slut Take – I think it’s fun to be a little show-off whore, even – and sometimes especially – when you’re not especially good at it. I remember seeing a post once which lamented the fact that things like singing and dancing had been changed over time and culture into a skill, something where the goal was to succeed, to win, to do it right – instead of just functioning as, essentially, human courtship behaviours. Moving around rhythmically should be seen as just something humans do – instead, it seems as if there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

I’m hardly one to talk on this topic, though – I have famously never been one for dancing at clubs or parties or what have you, for fear of doing it wrong, as it were. In theory I know that there isn’t really a wrong way to dance, so long as you’re having fun with it, and besides – most likely, nobody cares about your dancing skill (or lack thereof) as much as you think they do. But in practice, I don’t feel coordinated enough to attempt it. I could learn – YouTube almost always helps in that regard – but I really just don’t feel the need to. I’m fine being one of the group of non-dancers.

Being a slutty little show-off, though, well. That’s a different story. Not only do I feel the need to be a slut, I actually quite enjoy the showing off in itself – and the being shown off, too. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it sexy – it’s not my place to judge, and even I’m not such a narcissist that I’d watch my own videos, and I walked to work listening to my own spanking – but it does make me feel a little better about myself. Plus, they seem to be received well by the target audience (Mistress Charlotte), and that’s always such an incredible feeling. Not only amusing Mistress (which is great even alone) but knowing that she’s enjoying something I made, enjoying me. Really ups my internal standing as a toy, an object – a pretty little thing, sculpted by Mistress into something she finds pleasing, and then sat on display for her to enjoy. Because without her, I wouldn’t have done… Well, so many things. I wouldn’t be taking photos and videos of myself in kinky situations, that’s for sure.

Now, being shown off, that’s the good stuff. Maybe I did something particularly slutty, maybe a nice gift I ordered has arrived, maybe I’ve just been particularly useful this week. Whatever the reason, Mistress has decided to show me off – to her Domme peers, to the world, whatever. Personally, I fucking love when this happens. It’s like getting a Slut of the Month award – ooh, actually, throw in a Domme boss and that’d make a fun story to write… Don’t let me forget that. Anyway, yes. It could be in casual conversation with a friend (“Yes, my slut’s been good this week, just look at what he did”), or a PowerPoint presentation at the monthly Domme meetings I assume they have – whatever form it takes, I’m into it. And if it leads to me getting loaned out by Mistress, all the better. It just shows that I’m a useful tool, one that she can be proud of, and show off to get friends with a smile.

That’s essentially the dream. To be a good enough toy to be shown off and loaned out. Thanks for reading.

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