Resolutions, Day 67

Well, I’ve mentioned before that the big C (no, not that one, the other one) has been feeling increasingly close to home recently – and that’s come to a point today. One of the more recent new starters – only been here a couple of weeks – has been home sick for the last couple days, and we just heard today that he’s tested positive for COVID. It’s not the first person I know from work who’s had it – someone else in my team got it a couple of weekends ago – but she’s not been in the office since the day her doctor said she got it. This time, though – I’ve been around this guy all day for three days this week, helping him and the other new starters with any problems they’ve been having. That doesn’t necessarily guarantee I’ve got it, but… Well, it’s a little scary.

Not because I think I’m going to, like, die or anything – I’ve had my shots, and my booster, so even if I do get it, it shouldn’t be TOO too bad. It’s just, like – for the longest time, this has been something I’ve only read about. Of course it’s still felt real, but now that it’s actually this close to me… Yeah, scary. And if it’s this close to me , how long before it gets to my family? I’ll be fine, but my sister’s insanely immunocompromised, and then there’s my parents, my granddad, my auntie… They’re all in a much smaller town than me, and I know they’re taking every precaution, so I’ve really just got to trust in them, I suppose.

This is short, but… I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what else to say! It feels weird to pivot into more traditional sluttery after that, right? I could mention how I walked to work listening to the sounds of my spanking again? Or how I’m lying on my duvet on the floor right now – Mistress’s house rules, after all. Sluts sleep in their puppy bed (or homemade equivalent) every Friday night. I do love how fully half of the rules I must obey are puppy-based. Well, thinking about it, that’s actually up to interpretation, I suppose – is drinking from a bowl on the floor more puppy, or slave? Is wearing a collar emblazoned with your owner’s name the sign of an obedient dog, or Mistress’s owned property?

The real answer is, of course, that they are all true. I am a slut, and a slave, and a puppy, and property, and owned, and an object. Ah, and awesome at alliteration. Thanks for reading.

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