Resolutions, Day 66

Technology is incredible, isn’t it? I’ve mentioned time and again that Mistress Charlotte and I are on complete opposite sides of the planet – nearly as far as it’s possible to be, in fact – and yet, through the magic of the internet, the distance means practically nothing at all. No more having to send physical letters (although they are very cute!) or rack up massive international phone bills (not so cute) – we have technology. Take the voice messages from her Loyalfans, for instance. And, yes, I realise that “the ability to transmit one’s voice across large distances” is hardly a new technology, even long before the advent of the internet. But it’s the convenience that makes it so wonderful. Nowhere near the hassle, the energy and time expenditure of setting up and participating in an entire Skype call or whatever – now she can just record a quick clip, straight away, and send it off, easy as that. And I can send them back, too, if she wants me to. If, hypothetically, she wanted to hear me say that I was a filthy whore who needs his ass filled, I could record it right then and there! Instant gratification – which, for someone whose very purpose is her pleasure, means it’s great for both of us.

And don’t forget about teledildonics, either. Yes, the saving grace of long-distance kinky relationships everywhere, those beautiful little Bluetooth-controlled toys are truly a miracle of modern tech. I only have the Lovense Hush – the butt plug – myself, but they’ve got a whole range of other things. Prostate massager, glans vibrator, a fleshlight-type thing, and, recently, even a full-on fucking machine. All, I believe, controllable in intensity through the app, meaning you can get absolutely fucked wherever you are in the world. They’re pricey, yes, but god damn have I had some fun with that Hush. Even just the novelty of actually being able to feel Mistress’s control physically, from the inside, as she dials up the vibrations and shakes me to pieces, is exhilarating. And they get pretty bloody powerful, too! The only downside is that the original Hush models have these really uncomfortable ridges around the base of the plug, just before the neck – in theory they’re meant to help retain lube, but in practice they’re just… rather painful. When they released the new Hush models recently, though, they had no such ridges – but I believe they’re only in extra small (🥱) and extra large (😳🥵) sizes. I think they also revamped the older models to have the new features, including lack of ridges? But I’ve got plenty of other things to spend my money on before I get another version of the butt plug I already have – even if it would be so much more comfortable…

Even not directly kinky tech things play into improving the experience in general. For instance, I have some lovely, wireless, noise cancelling headphones – and they’re just perfect for listening to hypnosis sessions with. I can (mostly) block out all outside distractions, letting me focus on the one thing, the one person, that matters more than anything right now. Plus, them being wireless means it’s not an issue if I need to move around for something more interactive – like, for instance, Mistress Charlotte’s Remote Control, available to followers RIGHT NOW on her Loyalfans! Seriously, if you’re not a follower, I strongly recommend it – it’s free, and exactly like being a twitter follower, only she won’t get suspended for calling you a slut. It’s great stuff! And, if that gives you a taste for more exquisite domination, you could always subscribe. You know you want to… Thanks for reading.

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