Resolutions, Day 65

Recommended listening? Uh, go find a YouTube playlist for the album Kindred, by Passion Pit – that’s all I’ve been listening to. Well, that and the audio of me getting spanked (I’ll explain in a minute) – but only three people in all the world have access to that video. If you’re one of them, though, it is pretty exquisite watching, if I do say so myself.

So, today was Wednesday. Which means, as we all probably know, that it was also Commando Day. At this point, I think, we’ve pretty much agreed that going without underwear all day is an inherently slutty act, even if not a single person knows. It certainly feels slutty, with every slightest movement, every touch of friction, every squirm to readjust my shirt reminding me that hey, this isn’t a normal person thing to do. This is well within the realm of “things that whores do for fun”. “But Morgan,” I hear you cry, “wouldn’t it be even sluttier if there were an audio component on your way to and from work?”

To which I would say “Well, that’s an incredibly specific thing to mention, fellow slave / most glorious Domme.” But, yes, it is true! I tweeted out a brief summary:

Now, this sounds ridiculous, or contrived, or makes me seem like an incredibly narcissistic whore who only listens to videos of himself getting abused. Not so! I mean, I am an incredible whore, but the rest is nonsense! Let me explain. See, when I was writing yesterday’s blog in bed, I took a look at the video of Madam X giving me a spanking over her knee – for, uh, inspiration, but also reminding me on the details of how the whole thing went. Now, that was the last thing I watched before I finished the blog and went to sleep. So when I walk out the door in the morning and press play, it automatically resumes what I was last watching – which, in this case, was the rhythmic slapping sound of a slave getting what he deserves.

Now, I’ve not done much in public, kikk-wise. Commando Day and the odd workplace bathroom adventure (Ok, two adventures, but still) is about as far as I’ve gone, unless I’ve blocked something out (Great opportunity to gaslight me, if that’s something you’re into, hypothetically, just saying 👀). This, honestly, wasn’t functionally any different to a regular Commando Day – my headphones are pretty good, and I’m reasonably confident nobody heard any odd slapping sounds as I walked past them (unless…?) – and yet, I felt like I was walking naked down the street. Hearing the sound of my slut paddle utterly failing to imprint on my slut flesh – but turning it a lovely shade of pink. Picking up on the slightly different percussive sound as she switched to using her hand, pausing slightly to squeeze my reportedly “nice buttocks” (her words, not mine!) before laying into them once more. Listening as the sweetest little exhale escapes my mouth after the first hit from a new, beefier implement.

All of that in of itself was lovely, of course. But on top of all that, there was also everything else she was doing. I could hear it all – the dirty talk as she instantly picked up what a naughty little slut I was. Posing and rearranging me to better show off my bright red ass – and then keeping me there for the next set of smacks, making sure Mistress Charlotte got a perfect view of the action. And finally, spreading my cheeks for the camera with a promise of what’s to come – “and then we’re going to fuck that little fuck-hole, aren’t we?”. She was right, of course – but that’s another story.

Even just experiencing the audio, it was enough to get me rather… hot and bothered, if you will, while I was walking down the street. Luckily I don’t think my pants betrayed my excitement to anyone who saw me passing by (unless…?) – it just made the underwear-less experience that bit more intense for me. And that’s how a happy little accident made today one of the more memorable Commando Days! Thanks for reading.

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