Resolutions, Day 63

Recommended listening: Lifted Up (1985), from.the album Kindred, by Passion Pit.

1985 was a good year
The sky broke apart then you appeared
Dropped from the heavens, they call me a dreamer
I won’t lie, I knew you would belong here

Lifted off the ground,
I took your hands and pulled you down
Because 1985 was a good year
I won’t lie, I knew you would belong here

I’ve liked Passion Pit for quite a few years now, but I’ve only just recently started listening to some of their newer albums – “newer” in this case meaning, like, 2015, but still. Apparently this one’s about the singer’s past struggles with bipolar disorder and alcoholism. The chorus I’ve quoted above is apparently talking about how his wife (born in 1985, would you believe) is an angel straight out of heaven, and that she’s essentially saved him by the sounds of it? I don’t really have anything else to add on that topic, I just thought it was incredibly cute.

I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I think, but just to recap – I’m so glad to be living by myself. It’s much more expensive than if I were to be flatting, true, but even if I were with people I knew, people I love, I don’t think I’d be enjoying it as much as I am this. There’s just so many little underrated things that make it so great! I can just turn on the shower in the mornings, and know for a fact it’ll be at the exact temperature I had it at yesterday. Same goes for the toaster – no more having to remember which setting gets it just right, I can just throw them in and push the thing down without a second thought. They sound like silly little things, and they are of course, but… they’re nice. I don’t have to either clean up or stare at somebody else’s mess any more – if there’s any messiness, it’s all me. I can actually watch / play things on the living room TV instead of confining myself to my room! I can do Ring Fit in the morning without fear of being judged!

And speaking of without fear… Living alone also affords me infinitely more slutty potentials than anything else ever could. There’s no way I’d be able to have Mistress Charlotte’s house rules if I were living with other people – and I do so adore them. I always loved the idea, obviously, but the reality is just so wonderful – as close to the wildly impractical 24/7 slavery dynamic as you can get from a very-long-distance D/s relationship. They really help me keep submission in my mind as an ongoing thing – it’s always a part of me, even when Mistress isn’t around. “Look, isn’t that her collar around your neck? Aren’t you drinking from a bowl on the floor because she said so? You carry your slavery with you always, through obeying her rules at all times.”. And I love, too, that she could just change them up at any point. We’ve already seen it in action with Wednesdays becoming Commando Day! I can’t personally see any of the current rules going away – but neither can I imagine what else she would possibly add. Luckily – 1) it’s not up to me, is it; and 2) her imagination far, far outstrips my own. I’m always stunned when she hits me with my latest fantasy – it’s like she’s peered into a part of my mind I can’t even see and built something absolutely perfect.

And even besides Mistress’s rules, there’s other slutty things about living alone, too. If I want to walk around naked, or take some whorish selfies – play with a toy, or do some impromptu deepthroat training – I just… can. Ironically, the more freedom I have, the more enslaved I am; the more enslaved I am, the more pleasure Mistress Charlotte receives; the more pleasure Mistress receives, the happier I am to know I’ve served my purpose. Isn’t it beautiful? Thanks for reading.

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