Resolutions, Day 62

Recommended listening: Charlotte’s Good Boy, from the titular Mistress Charlotte. (Pfffft he said tit!)

Well, today was a big day in a lot of ways. It was a quiet day in a lot of ways, though, too! To anyone who asks at work, today was a pretty classic quiet Sunday. I played some Ring Fit when I got up, did some laundry and crashed on the couch in front of the TV – it was much too hot to do much of anything else. But, just between you and me, reader…

Today was the end of my two months of no kink spending, and the beginning of my proper return to Mistress Charlotte’s service! So after sending a celebratory tribute, Mistress was kind enough to give me a nice new task to carry out – returning to service in style, so to speak. I’ll get to the details of it a little later, but for now – it was just a really great feeling to know I was properly back where I belong. I never stopped being her property throughout the two months, of course (and her collar served as a reminder of that), but being able to actually submit and obey, to receive a task knowing that I’d be able to compensate her for her time and attention, was very lovely indeed.

Anyway, after I got all hot and sweaty (and not in a sexy way, just playing Ring Fit) I took a shower and turned on Project Trance-Formation, the classic Laundry Day playlist. They’ve obviously always been a comfort, but it was especially nice hearing Mistress remind me of my place, of my existence in subservience to her. Knowing that my purpose is in submission and obedience. To be taken apart, piece by torturous piece, and remade to better suit her desires, is pretty much my absolute ideal, my dream among dreams. As strange as it sounds, I think I prefer when the focus is taken off my own wants, and onto her desires, her pleasure. Like, I obviously don’t dislike receiving pleasure – that’s kind of what pleasure is – but I’d rather it be on her terms, you know? Like a succubus sort of thing, taking my pleasure to suit her own needs, not just for the sake of my own pleasure.

Anyway, early evening, I figured it was about time for Mistress Charlotte’s task. I normally listen to hypnosis later at night – but I also often fall asleep during it when I do, so I thought it’d be better to start a little earlier than usual. Mistress’s task was pretty simple – I was to celebrate my return by stuffing my ass and mouth, and listening to Charlotte’s Good Boy, a file I haven’t listened to in quite some time. It didn’t end there, though. Once I was done, I would assume slut position (get on my knees, forehead pressed into the ground, ass up in the air), jerk into my puppy bowl, and then lap it up with my hands behind my back. As a final cherry on top, I would then take a picture for her, with my mouth open, showing what I’d licked up. All in all, an absolutely delightful return.

Charlotte’s Good Boy is a really lovely session – I, as you might expect, already quite enjoy being called a good boy by my superiors, but establishing a connection between those words and even more of the sweetest, most positive feelings, is a nice sensation. It makes it feel more like something I’ve earned through being of use to my Mistress – a reward, if ever one was needed, for making her happy. The ass-stuffing was easy enough (I’m kind of used to having a buttplug in at this point) but the mouth-stuffing turned out a little trickier. Mistress’s idea was to shove my dildo into my ring gag and keep me stuffed that way – and while that did work, and it was insanely hot, it kind of had me gagging too much to be able to even slightly listen to hypno. And just having it sitting halfway in my mouth didn’t work either, it just sort of fell out every time I swallowed. In the end, unfortunately, I abandoned the dildo and just kept the gag in – but the dildo + gag combo is DEFINITELY one I’ll be keeping in mind. 🔥

And then, there was the next part. Similarly to how I enjoy being called a good boy, I already adore getting on my knees in my place beneath – but slut position is just that extra step more degrading. “No, no, we don’t need to see your face, whore, just shove it into the ground for now and point that sweet ass up for me.” It’s a little tricky of a position to jerk off in, if I’m honest – but then, it’s not about what’s easy for me, is it? I made sure to straighten up and align myself with my puppy bowl for the climax – wouldn’t want to miss a drop, after all.

Lapping up cum is, even after three years, not something I do overly often. I guess because I don’t really cum that much anyway? I’ve done it enough that I don’t really dislike it any more – although it does feel rather more degrading knowing I’m jerking off into the bowl I take all my cold drinks from nowadays. God bless Mistress Charlotte’s House Rules! This is getting a little personal, but I’ve always wondered how it would be if I investigated some sort of cum volume supplements – I’m sure someone on the internet has figured out how it works. I’m probably pretty normal in regards to volume, though – it’s probably more that I’m mostly using porn as my benchmark, which isn’t exactly the most realistic.

Anyway, I did it. Lapped up every last drop – and then didn’t swallow, because I needed a whorish photo for Mistress. Massive respect to my fellow cumsluts – getting a decent photo without spilling cum all over the carpet is really hard! If only I’d been surrounded by several squirming strap-on-wielding Dommes – I’m sure they could’ve given me more than enough to spill all I like and still be coated in the stuff. Personally, though, I think the photo turned out pretty well. I won’t be sharing it here – it’s in Mistress Charlotte’s hands now, to do with as she pleases. I’m still pretty new to taking kinky photos of myself, it feels like – hell, I don’t really take any photos of myself that aren’t kinky – but I’m getting used to it. I think the trick, much with my writing, is just to take the photo, make sure it turned out okay, and then not dwell on it any longer – otherwise perfectionism kicks in, and I just obsess over getting the right photo.

All in all, a lovely task, and a pretty much perfect way to return to submissive, obedient, service. It’s good to be back where I belong. Thanks for reading.

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