Resolutions, Day 61

Well, this is it! The end of my two months of no kink spending is upon us. Honestly, it’s kind of a shock to me that I’ve been living here that long already! Longer, even – I moved here in mid November, so it’s actually been… over three months? Jesus Christ.

But, yes indeed, I’ll be able to get back to serving Mistress Charlotte more properly. My rent is still ludicrously expensive, but I’ve managed to get everything else under control, as well as getting myself a rough idea of how much I’m spending every pay period, and how much I can put towards kink. It’s not as much as I’d like, nor is it as much as it was, but I think that’ll be ok. Mistress Charlotte has been really wonderful and supportive about the whole thing, and it all just makes me fall into submission all over again. I’m so glad for her patience, and it’ll be an honour to return into service for her pleasure.

And speaking of her service, this month will mark the three year anniversary of her “stepping it up, kinkwise”! The day that she took things from tributes and back-and-forth chats on Niteflirt, to a more proper introduction into her service. I recall being all nervous/excited/VERY nervous for the rest of that day – I had little to no D/s experience at the time, you see, and even less of an idea what I was getting myself in for. All I knew is that I wanted it – wanted to see what the world was like from my place at her feet. And so things continued on – regular chats, teases, fantasies. The occasional live hypnosis session – those were something special. A visit into the sex shop while I was visiting the big city (the same one I’m in now!) turned into a trip to the pet store to pick up a literal puppy collar – which would later be personalised with a tag, bearing both her name and her property’s. One I still cherish with all my heart to this day.

I’ve made mistakes, certainly. I’ve had regrets – things I’ve said, and not said; done, and not done. But saying “Yes” on that day is certainly not one of them. You could ask me a hundred times, and I’d answer the same every single time. Service is my place – submission and obedience is where I belong. And she taught me all of that, with lessons I’ll never forget. So I’m very excited indeed to return to that service, properly – to support the happiness of somebody I care about, and to find the right place for myself along the way. Thanks for reading.

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