Resolutions, Day 57

So remember when I said I’d try and do this writing business earlier in the evening? Yeah, I lied. I watched part of a nine hour (!!) highlight reel of Jerma playing Sekiro, and then got back into some more Elden Ring – a real FromSoft themed evening! Y’all, Elden Ring is so goddamn good. I mean, it’s hard for it not to be – FromSoft are pretty alright at making games by now, and even if it were just “more Dark Souls” I’d be pretty excited. But it’s so much more than that. The open world is one of the most incredible I feel like I’ve ever seen – you can see so far, and there’s a real sense of “see that mountain? You can climb it.”, even moreso than there actually was in Skyrim. It’s hard, of course – I was really getting frustrated on one (completely optional) boss last night. But for the most part it’s felt manageable – I usually know why I died, what I could’ve done differently, even if getting that message from my brain to my fingers is a bit tricky sometimes…

I know this isn’t sexy or kinky or really much fun at all – if for some reason you’re going back through the archives of this resolution business, I’m sorry. There’s a couple reasons – one, I’m dead tired, and need to wake up for work in alarmingly few hours, so I’m basically just trying to get something down. And two – I just don’t feel very slutty, recently. My actions still have slut energy, for sure – I’m still wearing Mistress’s collar, drinking from a bowl on the floor, and I plan to go out without underwear tomorrow. But right now… Idk, I’m just not feeling it. Maybe that’s also the tiredness – who’s to say. Certainly actually being horny is a big part of the slut experience – maybe I just need to not be so tired first, and work on it from there.

Oh, and Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus – Happy St David’s Day! I had no idea it was today – you wouldn’t think I was half Welsh, eh? In my defence though, dad’s never cared much for things like a national day, or indeed probably a saint! Much too close to that religion nonsense – only the finest in science and conspiracy theories for him.

…sorry, I’m way too tired to do more than this, and I’m on track for five and a half hours sleep if I fall asleep immediately right now, so – I’d better get started. Thanks for reading.

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