Resolutions, Day 56

Well, fuck. I’ve left it rather late again, and frankly I’d rather be listening to Femme Fatalism right now instead of struggling to come up with something to write that isn’t complete inane bullshit. But I made a promise, by which I mean a pretty lady told me to (and then my owner, another pretty lady, confirmed it), so I guess I’ve got no choice. It’s in my nature to be a good boy for women, as Mistress Charlotte once said.

So, let’s see… Work was nice today, even for a Monday. We briefly met the next crop of new starters, and they seem cool enough! The other veterans (I mean, we’ve been there like three months, but that’s enough these days) have been moved back over to the other side of the building to fit the new new starters in, which means I was the one fielding the old new starters’ questions all day. Honestly it was actually a pretty nice feeling, being looked up to figuratively for once, rather than literally. I hope I’m leading them the right way, teaching them the right stuff – I feel like I’m still not sure on a lot of it myself sometimes, but our team leader keeps telling me I’m doing good, so I guess I’ve just got to trust her.

Speaking of new starters (segue of the century coming up here) – they showed off the newest pokemon generation today! We got to see the new starters (grass cat, water duck, and fire… crocodile slash hot pepper? I’m going with grass cat, personally, and hoping it stays cute (it won’t)), the new player characters, and a bit of the new, Spain-inspired, region. It looks like it’s taken a lot of cues from the recent Pokemon Legends Arceus, which I absolutely adored, so I’m tentatively excited! I’m sure they’ll find at least one way to fuck it up between now and then, but still, excited! And speaking of “then” – it’s coming out late this year. That means we’re getting three mainline games within the span of a year – Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl last November (?), then Legends Arceus just a couple weeks ago, and now Scarlet / Violet later on! Absolute madness.

…ok, this is probably enough for now I think? I just kinda wanna go listen to hypnosis now, so… See ya! Thanks for reading.

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