Resolutions, Day 54

Recommended listening: D is for Dangerous, from Favourite Worst Nightmare, by Arctic Monkeys.

He knew what he wanted to say, but he didn’t know how to word it
(The dirty little herbert)
Was seeking an escape but the place was well-guarded,
The guiltiness had started, soon as the other part stopped
D is for Delightful, and try and keep your trousers on,
I think you should know you’re his favourite worst nightmare

Another Laundry Day has come and gone – and yes, I’m aware I start every laundry-adjacent blog pretty much exactly the same. What can I say – I’m hardly in the greatest space for thinking big new thoughts, y’know? Outside of my brain getting washed absolutely clean, though, today was pretty chill. I did some non-brain laundry, went and returned my library books, did a little bit of shopping / browsing, and overall felt like I’d gotten at least a decent bit of exercise in. (Hopefully enough to offset all the sitting on the couch playing Elden Ring I did…)

Last night, before I retired to the floor for the night (it was Friday, after all) I decided I felt like listening to Mistress Charlotte’s Zombie – and so I lay atop my bed, threw on my headphones, and closed my eyes. I remember hearing the first parts of the session, but not much else, because I woke up, like, half an hour later, partway through and VERY confused. This is a fairly common occurrence for me – I tend to listen to hypno quite late at night, while in my bed, and it is by design incredibly relaxing, so I’m never surprised by it. It is a bit of a shame though – to get myself all ready to experience a session, only to miss out on actually hearing it. It does make me wonder though – is my subconscious benefiting from the treatment it’s getting while my conscious mind is fast asleep? I really do love the idea of having no idea of what’s being done to my mind – all sorts of ideas, and fantasies, and thoughts, and triggers being inserted without my knowledge… Although, truthfully, how possible that is to enact in reality, I’m not certain. Hypnosis is a lot of wonderful, wonderful things – but it’s not magic. Perhaps that’s just something to sit in the ol’ fantasy pile for now, but I’d be happy to explore it if it’s possible! If only I knew any incredible hypno-dommes…

It’s been an absolute delight to know these dommes throughout my journey in the kink world – they all know their stuff, they’re hilarious, and (in my opinion) all hot as hell. Not to lump them all together like that though – they’ve each absolutely got their own unique flavour, so if (hypothetically, of course) you were a slut being passed around between them, you’d never be able to adapt to your superiors. Just used and abused, your brain struggling to keep up as you’re switched from domme to domme. Anyway, I thought it’d be nice to just tweet out a list of some of my favourite people on the ol Twitter – including, of course, my absolute favourite. If you aren’t following them, I can highly recommend it.

…sorry, I’m kinda struggling to write this one, it’s pretty late, and I don’t really have any specific ideas to write on. Luckily nobody’s reading these! Haha. Lol. Thanks for reading (?).

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