Resolutions, Day 53

Hi! Elden Ring is out, and I bought it, and I’m kind of keen to get back to playing it, so let’s whip something sexy up, shall we? Recommended listening for today is, idk, the Tron Legacy soundtrack.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I really enjoy the idea of both showing off, and being shown off. The former because it just seems like a very slutty sort of thing to do; the latter is a little more complicated. There’s a few aspects to it – firstly, showing something off to your friends, family, followers, whoever – it’s more typically something you’d do with a thing, or perhaps a particularly cute pet. Not usually a person – and so, being objectified to that extent is pretty obviously in my wheelhouse. But more specifically, it’s something you’d do with a thing that you really like. Nobody’s showing things off to people and saying “hey, this kinda sucks”, or even “hey, this is… fine? It’s not great, but it’s ok”.

…actually I guess that’s just YouTube review channels? But they don’t count. ANYWAY.

Point is, I love to be of service, right? Obviously. We all know this by this point, I think. And so to know that I’ve done my job well, served somebody’s pleasure sufficiently, is always a nice feeling. But to do so to such an extent that they feel the need to show me off – to say “look upon this slave, for he has served me well, what a good boy he is” – well, that’s just delightful. I want to be a slave you can be proud of – a toy you’d show off to your friends, because it’s so pleasing to you.

And then, from there, we get to the fantasy of being physically shown off. I can picture myself kneeling in front of you, naked as the day I was born, as you address a group of your friends, hopefully impressing them with the extent of my training. “Notice the sensitivity on the nipples – if I just give a sharp pinch like this- ah, there we go, he responds beautifully. And, ooh, wait until you see how well he takes a kick to the balls! Get into position, slave.” And there’s all sorts of things you could show – how good of a coffee table I am, the way I obey your every command, the eagerness with which I worship your cock. How it would go from here, though, I haven’t quite figured out.

See, it could be that you open the floor up for some live demos – watching as I’m teased and tortured by your friends, passed from beautiful domme to beautiful domme like a submissive little toy – not inaccurate, I suppose. Each woman is so unique, so different from the last – I’d never be able to adapt, the intensity varying wildly as I’m pinched, squeezed, slapped, used, abused, and gradually turned into a slutty mess on the floor.

OR, you could thank your friends for coming, inform them that today’s show is over, and retire to the backroom, me crawling on your leash behind you. You love your friends, of course you do, how could you not – but they have their own sluts. Time for you to use what’s yours. Not that there only being one of you versus several of them would make it any less intense on me. I’ve learned well enough over the years that I never know what you’ve got planned for me – and whatever it is, it’s always bound to take me over completely, lodging firmly in my head for a bit while you enjoy making use of your property.

That all sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? And it all starts with being a good boy for Mistress – although being a bit of a show-off slut doesn’t hurt either. Thanks for reading.

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