Resolutions, Day 50

Today’s recommended listening: Pleasure x Newjack x Civilisation, from Woman Worldwide, by Justice.

50 days of mini blogs! I think on the whole, despite me running out of ideas constantly, that they’ve been more fun than not. I hope, if you’ve been reading them (and you haven’t, just about nobody has, but that’s ok) – then I hope you’ve been enjoying them too. I know they haven’t all been kinky, and they haven’t all been, uh, good, but… Well, like I said, ideas are tough sometimes – I’m working on it. The trick is finding ways of talking about my favourite kinks in ways that’s different from the myriad of other ways I’ve already talked about them on here. I already feel like half my horny blogs are just the word “slut” over and over – and doing these daily doesn’t exactly help with that.

Luckily, of course, Mistress Charlotte is always a wonderful inspiration to me, both for kinky ideas and also just in general. We were talking some time last week, where I was thanking her for tweeting out the word “malewife” and getting it permanently lodged in my brain, and she mentioned that she wanted me to take up embroidery – get me to learn some proper wife-skills more befitting of my station. I say she “mentioned that she wanted me to” – to be honest it was more like she “stated that I would be doing this”. But the difference is negligible at this point – I’m always going to do whatever she wants me to, whether the order is implied, suggested, simply stated as fact, or flat-out commanded. She also said that whatever I ended up making, it would be something slutty – “A house is not a home without a whore” was one of the examples she furnished me with.

So now I’m looking up YouTube tutorials, and searching websites of local craft stores, trying to figure out 1) what I’ll need to buy, and 2) how to, uh, actually do embroidery. I’ve practically never sewed anything in my life! I did a little bit of Textiles back in intermediate school, but that was quite literally half my lifetime ago now, and I think it was mostly on a sewing machine anyway. I’m certain I’ll be able to figure it out – it can’t be THAT hard, and with the power of the internet all things are possible – but it’s trickier to just jump into than I thought it would be. And that’s all before we even get to the design bit! It’ll mostly be words, obviously, maybe with a bit of a flowery border, but the arts are not a field I’m much practiced in. Perhaps I could commission Mistress Charlotte to sketch out the design for me? That would be pretty cute, right? Her coming up with a design for wifey to embroider for her? I’ve never really been one for translating ideas from my head onto paper, let alone then going from paper to… fabric? Canvas? I really don’t know much about this, huh…

But, honestly, that’s half the fun. Learning a brand new wife-skill is certainly not the direction I ever expected femdom to take me when I started delving into it, nearly three years ago, but it truly is a delight. It’s exciting! I feel like I’d seen submission as this, like, self-deprecating thing – oh, I’m such a worthless slave for you, Goddess, I don’t even deserve to be spit on by you (but also please do)”. To see it as a method of self-improvement, though, is… kind of beautiful? It’s still all on her order, all for her amusement, all because she says so (and it always will be) – but I’m making myself better, for her. Learning a new thing, for her. Creating something pretty (or at least slutty) for her. And when it’s something that’s this far out of my wheelhouse, it’s all the better. I’d never have picked up embroidery for myself, in a million years – but now I am. Maybe I’ll love it! And I wouldn’t have known if not for Mistress Charlotte.

She also mentioned baking as another wife-skill I could potentially be taking up for her in the future. That actually is something I was interested in trying out at some point – I have quite a sweet tooth, and I love following precise instructions (who could’ve guessed that one, huh?) so it seems like a perfect fit! I’ll be a happy, domestic little malewife before you know it. Thanks for reading.

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