Resolutions, Day 49

Recommended listening: Back Stabbin’ Betty, by Cage the Elephant.

You’re a two, faced, ruthless instigator
You’re a low down, trifling masquerader
You’re a, cold bitch, controlling conversator
This is, too much, I’m out, I’ll see ya later

Note: the above lyrics do not represent the views, whether on cold bitches or otherwise, of any sluts appearing in this blog. Personally, I love cold bitches, and in fact have often been considered a different kind of bitch myself. (By which I mean, Mistress Charlotte once told me to put my legs up over my head like a breeding bitch, when I was taking a chastity check-in photo for her. Ah, the memories…)

So, I was looking through a couple of sites for kinky menswear, after I posted this tweet last night:

I don’t have, like, plans to purchase anything in particular, or to kick-start my career as a kink model – I was mostly just curious to see what’s out there. And in a sense, I suppose, once you get to a certain point, it’s less useful to differentiate between “men’s” and “women’s” fetishwear – some subs can pull off panties and garters just as well as a domme (or, nearly, anyway). But when you’re looking at stuff designed for guys, I feel like the selection just isn’t… there, compared to what you’ve got designed for women. And I assume that’s because, despite how things may seem from here, femdom just isn’t seen as the mainstream for BDSM stuff. And maledoms don’t need to put, like, effort into their appearance – just the classic suit and tie will do, thank you. (Disclaimer: I am woefully uneducated with regard to maledoms, so I assume they’re all just those Tumblr daddy doms. If you happen to be a maledom – sorry!)

I mean, I’m certain there’s people out there creating all sorts of things for sluts (male) to wear, and it just depends on where you look. But from a cursory glance at the most popular sex stores I have available to me, it’s like… Well, take a look:

Not bad, I see the appeal.
This… just looks a bit goofy? Not sure if that’s the fault of the shirt or the model, though.
…moving on.

And even as I was looking through these, I realise that I don’t actually know what I would want instead? Doctor Chaos mentioned in a reply on Twitter that she got her pup (soon to be pupsband, congratulations!) a nice leather harness with matching jockstrap, and having looked one up I can certainly appreciate why. It’s sexy in an objectifying kind of way, and you know I’m into that. Plus, the one I looked up not only has a cock ring, but also wrist cuffs, which can be attached to little rings around the belt sort of area. It sounds like a fun idea!

But I think the main thing is that it’s really not something for me to choose for myself, y’know? Like, yes, I love to BE objectified in both a literal and a “pretty eye candy for dommes to look at and tease/torment” kind of way. But I don’t really know what makes a slut sexy, I guess? I don’t have the attraction myself, and especially when I’m meant to be appealing to be female gaze, I just don’t feel especially qualified. And I’m not saying I can’t dress myself, just so we’re clear! In fact I feel like I dress rather well when it comes to, like, normal clothes. But when I’m looking at fetish gear with the intent of wearing it to be slutty eye candy, I think I’d prefer to have it picked out, or at least narrowed down.

And besides, isn’t that such a fun idea? Poor little slut isn’t even allowed to pick his own clothes, he has to rely on his Mistress to dress him up like a proper whore. Just something to think about 😉. Thanks for reading.

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