Resolutions, Day 45

Recommended listening: uh, I can’t be arsed picking one today, so let’s say… The wordless moans of a gagged slut. Feel free to use your own slut – if you don’t have your own slave to gag and toy with, storebought is fine.

Well, the inspection went just fine! It didn’t take too long, and I probably over-prepared in the end – she mostly just took a look around the bathroom and the kitchen, and shot a few pictures of the rest of the place. She seemed like she was pretty pleased with the state of things! She asked if I had any issues with anything, how the noise from the road had been – and overall how I was finding the place! Honestly everything here’s so new (and expensive) I’d be a little disappointed if there was anything wrong – but it’s all been just about perfect as far as I’m concerned. Rent’s really pricey, sure – but I’ve pretty much come to terms with that by this point. Having a nice place to live, in a good location, where I can just relax, get some alone time, and be myself – it’s paramount. And if that takes half my salary to maintain, so be it. I can skimp on everything else – but not this.

Anyway, enough about all that. I was thinking earlier today about the many different ways to immobilise a slave. It’s a nice idea to think about, isn’t it? To so fully restrict their movement, take away that aspect of their control over the situation. Once they’re immobilised, there’s really not anything they can do to stop you from doing… well, whatever you like, really. They can struggle a little, maybe, depending on the circumstances – but if they haven’t figured it out already, it’ll soon become pretty clear to them exactly who’s in charge here.

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience this once – during my first, and so far only, in-person session with a domme. She used rope to bind my arms behind my back, and the feeling of standing still and making small talk while she worked the rope around my naked flesh was rather thrilling. What was even more exciting, though, was the moment she finished – and I didn’t have control over my arms any more. She could do anything to me now – and she did. Inquisitive hands groped me all over, putting vibrating clamps on my nipples, stroking the freshly-spanked skin of my ass, giving my full balls a gentle-ish squeeze. (My dick was in chastity at the time, so nothing doing there.) Then I was put onto my knees, where she filled my throat with her cock for a while – and, come to think of it, this actually introduced another aspect of immobilisation: just holding the slave down!

See, when she was fucking my face with her strap-on, I admit my deepthroat skills were a little out of practice – given my nervousness about performing in-person for the first time as well, I think it’s fair to say they weren’t as good as they could’ve been. So when I tried to get myself all the way down to the hilt on her dick – I gagged a little. It happens, sure, no big deal – I know that. And when it happens during training, I usually pull myself back immediately whether I want to or not – it’s a gag reflex, after all. But when my reflex, uh, reflected (?) – I didn’t go anywhere. Her hand, which had at some point made its way to the back of my head, held me firmly down there. She let me off not long after that, but the message made its impact on me – I was here to obey, not to act on my own will. She was the one in control here – and I had no other option but to submit to her.

After that, I got up off my knees and was shoved onto the bed, face down and ass in the air. (OK, I actually put myself there on her orders, but “shoved” just sounds more fun, doesn’t it?). I was then fucked by an array of fingers, dildos, a plug I think? I was facedown and totally out of it for this part, so I’m not exactly certain. This bit didn’t really involve any more immobilising than any of the others – but personally, I think fucking a sub offers up a whole host of ways to restrict their movement. And I’m not just talking about fucking them so hard that their legs forget how to carry them – although, hot. You could cuff them to the bed, stopping them from moving their arms and legs. You could blindfold them – sure, they could still technically move, but they’ll be so disoriented they’re unlikely to do much. The example I had in mind, though, is actually an idea I saw illustrated by an artist on Twitter, and which inspired this whole idea. I won’t post it here – a little too femsub-y for my tastes – but check this out.

You’re fucking your sub – they’re lying on their back, taking it like a champ. You tell them to put their arms above their head, and they’re so subby and brainless right now that they do it without thinking. You pin their wrists above them with one hand – bam, no more arms privileges for them. Then, still thrusting rhythmically into them, nice and deep, you take your other hand, and place it around their throat. They stare into your eyes as you give them a little squeeze – not enough to hurt, or even to really impact their breathing that much, but just enough that they know. You’re in control here. They don’t get to move, they don’t get to talk, they don’t get to breathe if you don’t want them to. And they certainly – feel free to punctuate this with a deep thrust if you like – don’t get to escape you.

See, doesn’t that sound fun? Also, wow – look at all the words I can write when I see a sexy picture on the internet. Who’d’ve thought it? Thanks for reading.

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