Resolutions, Day 43

Recommended listening: Hollow, from the Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Soundtrack, by Yosh.

Bloody and bruised, brought to my knees,
When beaten down, when broken up,
You would appear, reach out to me,
Heal every wound, and make me whole.

So, I’ve obviously spent a lot of time talking about, and thinking about, and occasionally acting upon, fantasies of powerful and beautiful women, doing all manner of things to me – allowing me the privilege of serving their pleasure. This isn’t news, surely – it’s kind of what my online presence is about. But I was thinking earlier today about some more domestic ideas – something more casual. How does dinner and domination sound? I’ve seen quite a few pro-dommes offer it as a service on their sites, and I have to say it does sound very appealing. It’s usually billed as an option for subs who are maybe feeling a bit nervous, or first-timers, or who just want to build a bit more of an intimate connection with a domme. And I think there’s so many fun ways it can be taken!

It could be a fun preamble to a session, for instance. I can imagine sitting across from an exquisitely dressed dominant woman, seeing a wicked grin cross her face as she runs through the future events of the night in her mind – feeling a shiver down my spine as I realise I’ve got no idea what I’ll be in for. Perhaps a little teasing under the table – or perhaps something a little more… direct. Impactful, so to speak.

Honestly, though, I could also imagine a dinner as a bit of a public play in its own right. Subtle, of course – as I’ve mentioned before, it’s not great to involve random people in full-on kink activities. But there are so many not-so-overt ways to show off your domination over an obedient slave. It starts before the dinner proper, naturally – we’d take some time to get me all dressed up, exactly to her liking. This could take the form of wearing exactly whatever she lays out for me – or it could involve a few things under the clothes, too. Something lacy? Something… filling? Something(s) a bit more vibrate-y? Well, it wouldn’t be up to me, naturally. She’d just put some things out, and I’d wear them, or insert them, or clamp them on – whatever she desires.

Even the dinner itself could be some fun domination, if you put your mind to it. I’ve said before on Twitter, I think, that having a domme order off the menu for me would be a perfect example of casual domination. Just a quick little “oh, he’ll have the [thing]” – instantly showing who’s in charge at this table. Of course, it might not just be a show of domination – depending on how many of those little under-clothes toys I’m wearing, and how high she’s got the remote in her handbag turned up, I might be physically unable to talk. And once the waiter’s gone, with our (her) orders in hand, and the lights seem to dim, and dim, until there’s no one else in the room, in the world, but just us – she could lean in, real close, and whisper exactly all the things she’d like to do to me – the things she will do to me, as soon as we get out of the view of prying eyes.

I know there’s nothing wrong with subs having their own desires, of course! But I admit it does feel a bit weird to be, like, planning out how my dream domme date would go. In my defence, though, I did have a lot of the details summed up as “I do whatever she wants”, so hopefully that makes it better. Thanks for reading!

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