Resolutions, Day 39

Recommended listening: Arabella, from AM, by Arctic Monkeys.

My days end best when this sunset gets itself

Behind that little lady sitting on the passenger side

It’s much less picturesque without her catching the light

The horizon tries but it’s just not as kind on the eyes

Man, I really don’t know what to fucking write here. What is there to talk about, really? I just haven’t felt that horny recently, so I can’t exactly kick my brain into its slut-writing mode like I used to. Plus, I feel like I’ve used every combination of all the slutty words I know – anything I come up with, I feel like I’ve already done before. That’s almost certainly not true – the wells of horny posting run much, much deeper than that after all – but at least right this very second? I don’t really feel like forcing it.

I tell you what I can talk about – I got an email from my new property manager yesterday, letting me know that my first flat inspection will be next Thursday! She also gave me a list of things that they might check – some seemed perfectly normal (bathroom), some sounded reasonable but sort of a pain to put into action (oven, rangehood?) – and some just feel like they’re a little too intense. The heat pump filters, really? That’s one of your major concerns? I mean, they can get decently dusty I suppose, but… Idk, it just seemed like a weird thing to put on your list next to, like, “clean the toilet”. Still, can’t be helped. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up a vacuum cleaner this weekend – it’s pretty much all hard floors here, so I’ve been doing ok with a dustpan and brush, but an inspection calls for something a little more full-on.

It also, of course, requires me to tidy away a few things that have become commonplace for me to just leave lying around. I won’t be able to keep Mistress Charlotte’s collar out on its hook on full display – it’ll have to go away for an hour or so. I’ll miss it dearly. The same with my little puppy bowl, the nipple clamps I left out like a week ago and haven’t bothered putting away – for a while at least, I’ll have to appear to be a totally normal, non-pervert, who is definitely NOT some manner of whore. I enjoy normal person things, like, uh, sports, and long walks on the beach, and getting on my knees for- what’s that? They don’t get on their knees for their superiors? They don’t even have superiors?! What are these people doing out there?!

So, that’s probably going to be a lot of my weekend – figuring out what supplies I need, picking them up, putting the buttplugs and lube out of sight. Perhaps I’m a little hornier than I thought – my brain keeps throwing up the idea “property manager does a flat inspection and also she’s a Domme”, and while I have zero idea what that actually means or could possibly look like, I’m curious to run with it a little. Maybe that’ll be tomorrow’s blog – for now, I think, I’m content to just sit on the couch and read tweets from beautiful women who love to treat men exactly how they deserve.

…honestly, THAT could be a future blog too. Just musing about all the incredible Dommes I have the privilege of seeing, even interacting with on Twitter? Sounds like a fun time. Where were all these ideas half an hour ago when I was complaining about not having any?! Ah well. Thanks for reading.

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