Resolutions, Day 37

Recommended listening: T.I.M.E., from Mouth Moods, by Neil Cicierega.

That’s the Inception theme, there. Yes, with the vocals from YMCA.
…God, I love that man.

I gave away my life’s blood today! Just as simple and practically painless as last time. I’ve said this before, but they really are all so lovely there – they just want to make your experience as pleasant as possible, so you’ll come back in three months time and do it all over again. I’m thinking about trying out just donating plasma, as well – I’ve got that rare blood type (B-) which means they want as much of my blood as they can get. Donating plasma is interesting – it takes quite a bit longer than donating whole blood, but the reasons for it are great. See, they take the blood out of you the same as with a whole blood donation – but then they put it into a centrifuge, separate the plasma out from the rest of it, and put the rest back into you! Takes longer, but leaves you feeling much less tired afterwards.

Honestly, though, I wasn’t feeling really any different at all after my donation today. I made especially sure to drink a TON of water over the past couple days, so clearly that worked out for me. Like I said, though, they really make sure to look after you and take care of you post-donation. More water, juice, chocolate, cheese and crackers – plus they make you wait around for like 10-15 minutes afterwards just to make sure you’re OK. They sit and chat with you as well – it’s kinda sweet! I also ran into the guy who I originally signed up with for my first donation a few months ago – turns out he travels around as they do their blood drives!

What else, what else… Oh, I’ve got my COVID booster appointment for tomorrow afternoon, which I’m excited to finally get. I’ve heard of people having a lot of different experiences with it – some being completely fine, some being wiped out for a few days! I didn’t really have any reaction to the first two jabs, minus a bit of a sore arm, so I’m hoping that continues to be the case today. That does remind me, though – remember that protest I was talking about the other day? Yeah, well, they converged on Parliament today – people coming from the very north and very south and meeting in the middle, all for the sake of complaining about vaccine / mask mandates. There was a live stream that I kept an eye on throughout the day – some of the people who were speaking to the crowds were… scary. There was one guy who read a few articles from the Crimes Act, saying essentially that we as citizens should enact a citizen’s arrest on the Health Minister, and take him straight to jail for, uh, crimes? It wasn’t exactly clear – but the crowd seemed super into it. Pretty grim, honestly! The speakers kept pitching this idea of freedom, and how everyone there was so unified and peaceful and whatever – like I said, scary. I can really see how they get people on side.

In sexy news – today was Commando Day. I’m really getting used to practically flaunting my sluttiness in public like this – and it’s always so much fun. Like I’ve said before – that reminder with every step, every movement, every shifting little friction of skin against denim – it’s thrilling. But even not in public, it’s still fun. Even now, as I’m sitting at home, it makes it that much easier to just reach down and… touch. Slap. Squeeze. Stroke. Something about that little bit of pain with the pleasure just intensifies both in a truly delicious way. And the fact that I can just look down at any moment, and see my owner’s name emblazoned upon her property, a physical reminder of who I belong to. Who owns me. As if I ever needed a reminder, though. Even when her name’s not literally written on my body – it’s carved into my mind. Into my heart. Into my soul. I’m a lot of things – but before them all, I am owned, and I am property. Thanks for reading.

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