Resolutions, Day 34

Recommended listening: Volver a Comenzar, from the album Sino, by Cafe Tacuba.

Si hiciera una lista de mis errores
De los menores hasta los peores
Que expusiera todas las heridas
Los fracasos, desamores y las mentiras…

This really has been pretty much my laziest weekend ever. The weather’s been too shitty to really go outside and do anything, and the new pokemon game is so ludicrously goddamn good that I can hardly tear myself away. They seriously knocked it out of the park with this one, it’s unreal. But… That’s not what I’m talking about today. In fact, it’s not even horny in nature – quite the opposite.

See, I saw a message from one of my sisters today in our family group chat, linking a video showing a big big convoy of all sorts of vehicles leaving from Bluff, in the far far south of the South Island. The video description called it a “Freedom Convoy” and while I didn’t know what that was, it didn’t sound good. Presumably my family had seen them going past where they live (Also reasonably far south), and this was my sister looking up what it was all about.

So I did some digging of my own into this Freedom Convoy business, trying to figure out who they were, what they were doing, and why they were doing it. Good news is, it didn’t take me too long to get to the bottom of it! Bad news is, it fucking sucks. The “Freedom Convoy”, as they are apparently known, is a protest movement in the form of a, well, convoy – travelling all the way from Bluff, way down south, up to Picton at the top of the South Island, and then taking the ferry over to Wellington, in order to bring the protest directly to Parliament. Not everyone is making the entire trip – some will join and leave along the way – but some are in for the long (~15-hour) haul. And what are they protesting, you ask? Well, apparently, three things – censorship (just vague enough to sound heroic), the Bill of Rights (??), and, of course, who could’ve seen this coming, COVID-19 mandates. Because “get your jabs and wear a mask sometimes” is much too much to handle.

So, y’know, that sucks. I decided then to put it out of my mind and move on – and that worked, for a few hours. What I hadn’t considered, is that in order to get from Bluff to Wellington, they were going to have to go through where I live, in a decently big city along the way. And, oh boy, they certainly did. I haven’t really talked about where I live before, but it’s right on a pretty main road – and from the sounds of things, everyone in the convoy took it.

It was, no joke, about thirty uninterrupted minutes of cars, and bikes, and trucks, and caravans, and God knows what else passing by my apartment. All beeping their horns and cheering and etc. I was genuinely shocked to see how many people there were supporting this shit! Across the road I could see people cheering and waving flags – shouting about “freedom” and “tyranny” and what have you. I had to go out and get dinner, which meant crossing the road – a guy waiting to cross with me looked at the cars, looked at the people, then looked back to me and just said “Fuck me”. Which, yeah. It’s pretty grim, to think there’s this many people.

This video cuts off a little early, but the guy in the truck is loudly assuring me that “we will win this”. Jesus Christ. But that’s not the worst thing that I saw. No, that dubious honour goes to this shining example:

I mean, what the fuck, right? What the fuck can you even say to this? I don’t want to give these shitheels any more attention than they’ve already had – and thankfully this blog is MUCH too small to make any difference in that respect – but, like… What the fuck.

The guy I met at the crossing kept going my way for a while, and we talked a bit about how ridiculous all of this was. If what we’ve got is tyranny, he said, then tyranny really isn’t that bad. And he had a solid point! Because we’ve got it pretty damn good here, especially in comparison with some other countries I could name. Anyway, rant over. Get your vaxes, and your boosters, wear a mask in public – and please, don’t join any dumbass protest movements. Thanks for reading.

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