Resolutions, Day 32

Today’s recommended listening: No. 1 Party Anthem, from AM, by Arctic Monkeys.

Drunken monologues, confused because

It’s not like I’m falling in love, I just want ya

To do me no good

And you look like you could

Thank God, the long weekend is here at last. This week feels like it went by pretty quickly – and at the same time, I also feel like I desperately need a rest. But enough about that – time for the horny.

I’ll be real with you – I’m still thinking about being a malewife. But there’s not really a lot more ground to be covered there (at least from my perspective), so I thought I’d go in the complete opposite direction. The other end of the 24/7 D/s scale – the fully owned slave object. Maybe do a little compare and contrast, y’know? See, whereas the malewife can still pop down the shops and pick something up for dinner, or gossip with the other boys in the neighbourhood about who’s cooked the best casserole this week, or whatever silly things they get in their heads – the owned slave doesn’t really have such freedom.

The slave object exists to serve his Mistress. What could be more important than her pleasure? This, all subs have in common, true. But it’s the degree that matters most, here. If you’re a 24/7 object of slavery – there is nothing else. You’re there to be used, in whatever form that takes. A malewife will cook, and clean, do the shopping, get groped a little – the usual. But a full-on, all-slave-all-the-time existence – it’s anything. Everything. You obey, you submit, you serve, you suffer.

“But Morgan,” I hear you cry, “surely you can’t expect a Mistress to be there constantly giving commands to this slave!”. And, no, of course not, that’s a massive imposition. Sometimes – hell, a lot of the time – a Domme has other, better things to do than use their submissive. For the malewife, this time is easily filled – the aforementioned cooking and cleaning, learning new recipes or techniques to self-improve, going down to the shops to get the woman of the house her favourite brand of whisky – or perhaps picking up some new lingerie to show off in the bedroom. If you are, however, purely an object to be used – don’t worry! There are plenty of ways for you to fill in this spare time while your Mistress is away, too.

For instance, she may choose to put a leash on your collar, and tie it to a bedpost – keeping you safe and secure while you wait for her to come home again. She could have you kneel in the corner, eyes blindfolded and ears muffled – like a little drone in its charging port, awaiting further commands. Perhaps she’d leave you tied up and bent over, with the fucking machine plowing incessantly into you, putting you in a state of not only being overcharged with horny energy and focused on your slavery, but also keeping your sluthole wide open, for her to vigorously rail when she gets back. If, however, she’s feeling rather responsible, like tidying up after herself – then she may put her toys away altogether. Arms and legs bound, eyes blinded, ears muffled, mouth stuffed full of gag – all packed up nice and neat in a box, and put back on the shelf, to wait until the next time she feels like using you.

A lot of inspiration from Mistress Charlotte’s “Charlotte’s Basement”, obviously. Frankly it’s never too far from my mind – and it quickly became one of my favourite fantasies soon after I heard it. Thanks for reading.

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