Resolutions, Day 31

Today’s recommended listening: We’ll be taking a little break from the KH thing, so that means a break from KH music too. So it’ll be… “I Belong To You”, from The Resistance, by Muse.

I can’t find the words to say,
They’re overdue,
I’ve travelled half the world to say,
I belong to you.

Taking a little break from KH stuff today – mostly because I left cooking dinner pretty late, and I don’t really want to do another 1000+ word write-up right now. So I’m gonna just blab for a little about the old malewife thing – because, well, it’s fun as hell.

This all started – as so many wonderful things have – with a tweet from Mistress Charlotte:

Which, naturally, got me thinking about the whole thing. I mean, it’s all good, right? Being a slave object is one thing – and it’s a damn good thing, don’t get me wrong – but, realistically… You can’t keep it up forever, you know? At some point you’re going to have to stop being a footrest, or a coffee table, or a towel rack or what have you, and… Eat some food! Go outside! Sit on the couch and watch some TV! It’s a lovely fantasy, and I’ll adore it all my days, but it’s just not viable to keep it up all the time.

Enter the malewife! It sort of ties into the whole “casual femdom” idea that I love so very much, but also expands it into a more 24/7 friendly type of thing. A malewife – in my interpretation, anyway, obviously all concepts in this world are made up and you can do whatever you like – is not constantly, say, rubbing the matriarch’s feet, or getting whipped in the corner, or whatever. But, as all males should, they’d keep the house looking spic and span. They’d do the cooking, and have a nice hot dinner ready for the woman of the house to come home to, after a long hard day of real work.

And – possibly most importantly, or at least the most fun – as Mistress Charlotte said, there might be a little bit of groping every now and then. A passing spank as he’s bent over, sweeping in the corners. And, really, is that so much to ask? She provides for this household, after all – the least you could do is give her free access to the goods. And, naturally, you’d have to eat her out before you turn in for the night. She’s had such a long day, while you’ve been… doing whatever it is you do all day. Sometimes she just needs to use you to get off! Let off a little steam, vent some of that stress. Oh, what’s that? You want her to reciprocate? Well… She might get half a dozen strokes in before falling asleep. Sorry, dear, you understand though, right?

Honestly the more I think about it, the more I think I like it. It’s less… overt? Than your standard Mistress / slave relationship, for sure. But it’s still overwhelmingly clear who wears the pants in this household. Plus… I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t picture some pretty lovely fantasies right now. And by lovely, I do mean horny.

I imagine Mistress Charlotte, sitting on the couch in a half-unbuttoned shirt and loosened tie, sipping on a whisky. Completely ignoring the paper sitting on her lap as she brazenly leers at my ass, bent over the kitchen counter as I finish her dinner. I jump slightly as I feel her presence from behind me, muttering something about how she surprised me – but the words fade in my throat as I feel one hand squeezing my butt, while the other tweaks a pierced nipple, hard. I stifle a moan as she steals a rough kiss from my lips, and then I notice the insistent push of her pretty strap.

I could ignore her, and try to keep on cooking. This would of course result in her bending me over and railing me within an inch of my life, as she relieves her stress within me. Or I could smile, drop to my knees, and tenderly, lovingly, worship her cock, like a good little malewife should. Anything to please the better half – plus, she’s worked really hard this week, so she’s definitely earned a little extra attention. And if she happens to grab me by the hair and thrust into my throat a little, well, that’s fine. She’s earned that, too. I turn to her, and smile, and drop to my knees. Thanks for reading.

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