Resolutions, Day 26

No recommended listening today, sorry. Feel free to DM me if you want something, though.

Ok, so, this is late, and I’ve had a little bit to drink, and I’m literally walking home right now, so this might be even less cohesive than my normal blogs. But we’ll see how it goes! I remember this morning thinking that I wanted to right about “hard and careless use of a slut”, as my Mistress so perfectly put it, but I’ve got absolutely no idea what that would’ve looked like, sorry.

The word “careless” is fun, though, right? That’s not just me? There’s so many ways you can take it, too, which is always interesting. Do you take it to mean that the slut is being careless, i.e. that they’re getting themselves caught up in stuff without thinking through the potential consequences? Perhaps, say, they let somebody ply them with one too many drinks, and now they’re doing things they never would have done sober? Can’t you just imagine their eyes, the look on their face as the reality of their situation slowly sinks in – not regret, not horror, but the excitement of finally being able to throw caution to the wind, let their cares go, and just embrace their existence as a slut for their Mistress?

That’s one interpretation of “careless”, of course. But what if it wasn’t the slut that was careless, but the Domme? Maybe it was a long-time fantasy of hers, maybe it’s something that came up mid-session – maybe it just spontaneously occurred, and came from nothing specific at all. Whatever the case – this Domme is hungry for it, now. Truly feeling the desire to absolutely ruin a slut – not a want, not even a need, but a deep and primal urge to just completely obliterate a desperate, needy little bitch. Of course she’s going to be a little careless – this desire is all-encompassing, all-consuming. Higher functions go out the window for a while as she ravages her obedient slave, pounds her mindless object, breaks her eager little toy into eager little pieces. And, sure, let’s say that she was, in fact, a little careless. Maybe she’s a little hard, a little fast, a little rough, a little deep. She’s not really in the mood to care about that, at the moment. And you know full well her slut isn’t going to complain! They live to be used, to serve her desires – to please their Mistress, always and in all ways. If that means getting ruined – battered, bruised, swollen, stuffed full – stretched out, marked up, mindfucked, brainwashed – then that’s just how it is.

And honestly, isn’t that for the best anyway? To be broken into pieces, or have your mind wiped clean, or be ruined in every sense for the light of your life? Once you’re there, you know that she’ll be more than happy to put you back together in a way that best suits her – to be what she wants you to be, from a fundamental level. Remade into something beautiful, something that exists purely to serve her every single wish. Perhaps not so careless after all, eh? Thanks for reading.

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