Resolutions, Day 25

Today’s recommended listening: Beyond, from Random Access Memories, by Daft Punk.

Dream, beyond dreams
Beyond life, you will find
Your song, before sound
To be found,
Close your eyes,
And rise

Well, working from home wasn’t too bad in the end. I got about as distracted as I expected I would (that is to say, “somewhat”) but that’s something I can work on if and when I do it again. The workshop itself was really interesting, though! Great to hear people’s opinions on these sorts of issues, listen to their discussions, etc. It’s an area I know embarrassingly little about, considering it’s some of the most important stuff in this little country’s history, and I’m always glad to be able to educate myself on it more.

Right now, I’m watching John Wick (or, rewatching, I suppose) – and, God, I forgot how much I love it. The early scenes of him with his dog still kinda get to me, despite already knowing exactly what’s about to happen – and scenes I could recite from heart still have me laughing out loud to myself.

“I hear you struck my son?”

“That’s right, sir, I did.”

“And may I ask why?”

“Yeah, well, he stole John Wick’s car, sir, and, uh, killed his dog.”

“…oh.” *hangs up*

It really is pretty much the perfect movie as far as I’m concerned. The action is absolutely stellar, the humour insanely dry… There’s an intensity to him that’s just really fucking good, and like I said when it wants to be emotional it certainly still succeeds at that too. It’s ultimately a pretty silly concept when you really stop and think about it, but imo there’s a few reasons why it still works despite that.

First, it takes itself absolutely seriously every step of the way. When he breaks into a nightclub and kills a bunch of Russian mobsters, at one point actually shooting guys to the beat of the thumping music, nobody stops to look directly at the camera and go “uh, well THAT just happened.” When he gets back to the hotel covered in blood and asks the concierge how their laundry service is, he takes him completely seriously. Of course he does! It’s his job, and this is John Fucking Wick he’s dealing with. It’s honestly just refreshing to watch something that doesn’t have to roll its eyes to the audience and go “lol, this guy’s killing so many people just because of his dog, isn’t that ridiculous?”

Secondly, Keanu Reeves is just so fucking good. I know he’s, like, kind of a meme at this point? And I imagine one day it’ll turn out he’s into NFTs or some shit and my heart will just break. But until then… I just adore that man. I’m excited to go back and see what he’s like in the Matrices – it’s been an eternity since I’ve watched them. I remember people saying how he couldn’t act, he was this emotionless guy – but I think he’s incredible. He’s funny as fuck, and genuinely intimidating when he wants to be.

“Until that dog arrived on my doorstep, a final gift from my wife. In that moment I received some semblance of hope.”

“And your son took that from me. Stole that from me. KILLED THAT FROM ME!”

“People keep on asking if I’m back, and I haven’t really had an answer. But now, yeah, I’m thinking I’m back!”

What might be the biggest thing for me, though, is that I truly do love a revenge story. Whether it’s John Wick, the Baba Yaga, avenging his dog; Corvo Attano, the Royal Protector, hunting down those who killed his lost Empress; Courier Six, walker of the Mojave Wasteland, who stepped out of the grave in search of the man who shot them in the head. There’s something about them that really just gets to me, in a way that I don’t really know how to articulate, or even fully explain why. But I’ll watch them, play them, read them every single time. If you’ve got any revenge story recommendations, actually, I’d love to hear them! And, luckily, as far as this one’s concerned, I’ve still got two sequels to go. Not as revenge-heavy as the first, mind, but still plenty bloody good. I’ll probably watch them over the weekend too – I’m certainly looking forward to it. Thanks for reading.

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