Resolutions, Day 22

Today’s recommended listening: “Vision One”, from the album “Junior”, by R√∂yksopp.

Remember when we’d hear the distant sound of human life
A zillion noises whimper as they travel through the sky
And one by one each new sound has faded away with time
Allowing changes that we could not have foreseen

I don’t quite know what it is about this band, but their music feels weirdly nostalgic to me. Some of that is because I first heard of them in a game I played, like, ten years ago – maybe that’s it? But then why do I feel it for their other songs, too? Whatever the reason, it’s a nice feeling.

In other news, I booked myself in for a blood donation in a couple weeks time! I could’ve gotten an appointment sooner if I’d gone to the actual donor centre, but there’s a blood drive (I think?) going on at the Justice Precinct soon, and that’s practically on my way home from work, which really makes it more convenient. The only slight hitch was that the latest time I could get an appointment was early afternoon, around 2pm. I knew work would be fine with me leaving early – like I’ve mentioned before, they’re REALLY flexible with work hours, as long as you’re there for the hours between 10 and 2 they don’t really mind when you start and finish – but I assumed I’d have to make up my time with a few early starts / late finishes. But! My team leader took me aside and told me I wouldn’t need to worry about it, that I could take it out of “caregiver leave” (which I’m unlikely to use for anything else) and that I was doing a good thing, which was really great to hear.

I really am enjoying working there, I have to say. I was chatting with my team leader earlier today and she mentioned that I should take some time to think about where I want to go in the company going forward, and that she’d be happy to support and help with whatever worked best for me. Not that she was trying to get rid of me, mind – she made sure I knew that I wasn’t going anywhere until we were finished with our current project. Which was funny, but also really kind of nice to hear? IDK, I’m just a simple slutty boy – you give me praise, and I’ll probably adore you forever.

Still need to book a time to go get my booster, too. It feels kinda weird booking it for such a long time out, though? Like, who knows what things will look like a month from now? My mum’s getting hers tomorrow, so hopefully it doesn’t wipe her out too badly – I’ve heard of people having a bunch of different responses, from being pretty much fine to feeling like absolute shit for a day or two. Still, Omicron is here (not “here” here, but it’s supposedly inevitable) and I’ll take a day of feeling shitty over two weeks of isolation.

Which reminds me – the current COVID plan at work is looking like it might involve splitting our team in half and only having one group in the office at the time, to avoid the entire team being taken out of action if the worst does come to pass. Obviously that’ll only work if everyone else in the building does the same, though – not much point in us doing that if we’ll be working alongside the same people who’re there constantly, y’know?

Our team leader mentioned that she wanted me and one of the others that started with me to be around to help the new starters – both the one that’s just started last week and the others yet to come. Which, again, is a really lovely feeling. She said I had a nice way about me when I’d been working with the new girl today – and seeing as how a few people have told me that I’m a pretty good teacher in the past, I’ve got no choice but to start believing it! I don’t feel like I’m as patient as they say I am, but I guess if nothing else I’m good at not letting it show, lol. Guess I’ll side with the majority on this one! There are more of them than there is of me – plus, unlike me, they don’t have “general self-deprecation” working against their perception of me.

I… don’t know what the theme of this blog is. “It’s nice when people say good things about you”? “Get your booster shots and go donate blood if you can”? Some combination of those, I’m sure. Thanks for reading.

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