Resolutions, Day 19

Recommended listening: “Pleasure”, from the album “Woman”, by Justice.

By the laws of attraction,
and the rules of the game,
There’s a chemical reaction,
Between pleasure and pain

Use imagination, as a destination
And come closer,
Forever be

Another successful day of brainwashing! I had to go out a couple times, for washing and grocery purposes – and it’s always weird, the brief silence after I stop the loops from playing. This constant background sound, whispered words and delicious fantasy, comes to such a sudden halt. It feels… weird, I suppose. Like there’s something missing, that something’s just not right. And then, after I hang out my clothes, or get back from the shops, I can slip Mistress Charlotte’s collar around my neck, press play, and once again be immersed in her voice. As it should be.

I’m pretty sure I’ve made comments to this exact effect – possibly even this exact wording – every Laundry Day, but they always bear repeating. Hearing the mind-melting loops on, uh, loop throughout the day, underlying every sound, every song, every random thing I say out loud to an empty house – it really does let them seep into your mind that little bit easier. Today’s line-up was Project Trance-Formation – Dismantled, Blackout, Overdrive, Whole. And the more I listen, the more I wonder – perhaps I really do need to be dismantled, put back together as somebody else wishes. Or, for that matter, why bother thinking at all? Maybe it really is so much better to just forget, to sink ever deeper into sex-obsessed sluttery. After all, what am I really, besides an eager, needy, hole to be filled? Perhaps I really do need to be dismantled…

Now, eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I did my Laundry Day a day earlier than normal, AND I went grocery shopping today, despite having gone just yesterday (and gotten so much in the process that my shoulders are still feeling the burn of carrying it home today!). Well tomorrow, I have a birthday barbecue to attend! Except, the date for birthday boy in question was actually nearly a month ago, so it’s more of a belated birthday backyard barbecue. Any other B words I can fit in there?

Anyway, rather than trying to navigate the turbulent waters of meeting everybody’s tastes, they decided that they’d take care of veges and salads and what have you, and in return guests can bring something they want BBQ’d. Seems reasonable, and practical, and all that! Except, I don’t own a barbecue, nor do I really have anything on hand what could be cooked on one. So, it was another quick trip down the shops for me – and, of course, despite having a list consisting of literally one thing (tandoori chicken kebabs, if you’re curious) – as expected, I ended up picking up a couple of other non-essentials too. I just can’t help it!

It should be a good day, though. I’m expecting a few other friends from high school, too – some I’ve caught up with since I moved back here, others I’ve not seen for years. Fun!

So, I saw a tweet earlier from the ever-lovely Miss Pearl, talking about how she had appointments lined up for both her booster shot and to donate blood. Both really great things to do! And, also, great reminders for me to set up appointments for the same. I still can’t get my booster for another month, unfortunately – I was the latest in my family to get my vaccinations, by quite a ways. One of my sisters is insanely immunocompromised, so she got hers early for being high-risk – the other works pretty close to customers at a store that sells essentials, she she was deemed frontline and got hers somewhat early too. Both my parents were in the older age bracket, so they got theirs reasonably quick – and then, as it happened, my age bracket ended up being one of the last – if not the last – to get theirs. But they’ve lowered the minimum interval between second shot and booster to four months instead of six, so I’ll be able to get it next month sometime, and I can book it in advance now if I want. Might wait until we get a bit closer, though, first – if I do end up having a rostered work from home day (or days) I could line it up with that. We’ll see!

It’s similar with giving blood. Here in NZ you can only do so four times a year, and I think the time since my last donation has only recently finished, so I’m eligible to do it again. Plasma, on the other hand, you can donate much more frequently, every two to three weeks. I’d like to try and get it set up so I can do that, so when I eventually do book in to give blood I’ll talk to them about it. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve always wanted to give blood – as luck would have it, everyone in my family has B- blood, and with only 2% of the population having it it seems like a good thing to make sure there’s enough going around (I know it’s not just luck, that’s mostly how genetics works, but “as genetics would have it” doesn’t quite sound as good).

I remember wanting to donate a loooong time ago when I was much younger, but I think I had a cold or some such, and they don’t want you to give blood if you’re sick. And after that, I… never really saw many more blood drives. It’s so, so easy though – if you’re able to, I would highly recommend it. Blood is pretty much ALWAYS in high demand iirc, whether it’s for people who’ve been in and out of hospitals all their lives, or emergencies that could happen to anyone. It sounds stupid, but we all need blood, and if you can make sure they’ve got a little bit more to work with, it means so much more than you might think. I’ve only been once, but I’m really into it now – it truly is quick, easy, practically painless – plus, everybody’s so sweet. AND they give you free juice and biscuits! Literally what’s not to like?! I’d really like to keep my visits up for as long as I can – after all…

God, I love this image.

So, yeah. Hope you’ve got a nice weekend lined up! If this has made you think about donating blood, I highly suggest looking into when the next collection in your area is! I don’t know about other countries, but here at least they hold drives in a number of different locations, as well as having dedicated year-round donor centres. Plus, when your blood gets used, they send you a notification letting you know! How cool is that?! Thanks for reading.

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