Resolutions, Day 18

Today’s recommended listening: “The Age of the Understatement”, from the album of the same name, by The Last Shadow Puppets.

“And there’s affection to rent,
The Age of the Understatement,
Before this attraction ferments,
Kiss me properly and pull me apart.”

Another week comes to a close! This one honestly felt like it was lasting FOREVER earlier, but today was pretty chill. Fridays usually are! I made sure to bring the minimum amount of stuff to work with me, and I left my work laptop there, so I could go grocery shopping on the way home. Pretty smart, I thought to myself. And it was! But I’m also exhausted. See, I hadn’t been shopping in a while, and I had a decent sized list built up – but I really don’t want to walk home, drop off my bags, then walk back the way I just came to get to the supermarket. That’s just draining, and nobody needs that on a Friday.

However. One rather major consequence of doing all my shopping at once, is that there’s then a lot of it to carry! By myself. On foot. It’s not, like, a long walk or anything – maybe ten minutes or so? But it certainly feels a lot fucking longer with three bags of groceries, let me tell you. By the time I got home, I was a shaky, sweat-covered wreck of a thing, and not in a hot way. But hopefully this should keep me stocked up for a while – I certainly spent enough! I don’t know what it is about supermarkets – or, well, I could probably guess what it is, basic marketing psychology – but no matter how comprehensive a list I have, or how tenuous my finances are, I always end up buying at least one thing I don’t need. Whether that’s buying more of stuff that’s on special (which means more to carry), or trying some new thing for no reason, or getting some sweets just because I love them – I NEVER just stick to the list.

Anyway, I’ve recovered from all that now, just chilling on the couch watching some YouTube documentaries. I’ve tweeted about these before, but I’m always happy to reiterate!

Defunctland is such a wonderful channel. I’ve never been interested in the history of failed theme parks and attractions before (honestly, has anyone?) but the way Kevin presents them just gets me hooked every single time. My absolute favourite is the hour-plus Complicated History of FastPass, but some other greats are his look at Walt Disney’s final project, EPCOT, his “city of tomorrow”; and the two-parter looking at the failure of EuroDisney, and then combining that with an examination of Disney’s best coaster. It truly is more interesting than it might sound! And Kevin is an excellent presenter. His deadpan jokes never fail to get a rise out of me, and the way he explains things makes them make perfect sense, even to someone who’s not had much exposure to the Disney parks.

My other recommendation is all about sports. Jon Bois is a guy who writes a lot of sports stuff, he’s really kinda into it. Personally – I don’t give much of a shit at all about sports, let alone sports statistics, let alone sports statistics about sports I’ve never seen, and in fact pretty much cannot see in this country without paying exorbitant amounts of money! And yet. Secret Base, the website he writes for, make YouTube videos too – and my standout favourite is The History of the Seattle Mariners, presented by Jon Bois and Alex Rubenstein. It’s long – like, a good few hours. But damn is it good. Like I said, I know nothing about this sport – none of the stars, barely even how it’s played. But they still managed to get me excited about it. I highly, highly recommend it. Jon and Alex also produced another feature-length presentation – The History of the Atlanta Falcons, which is also incredibly good. Notably this one touches not just on the sport and the players, but the background and political elements behind their biggest game ever.

So, yeah! Didn’t come here for obscure web-based documentary recommendations, did you? Well, tough. This is my blog and, uh, honestly it’s all I could think to write about. Thanks for reading.

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