Resolutions, Day 17

Today’s recommended listening: “Bambous”, from “Caravan Palace”, by, uh, Caravan Palace.

It’s a bop!

So, I was thinking about public displays of kink earlier, after this lovely tweet from @DomVictoriaRage:

And yeah, honestly, I can really agree with that. Even just being able to slip on Mistress Charlotte’s collar when I get home is such a lovely reminder of all that her ownership has done for me, and all that she has graciously allowed me to do for her. I don’t know how well a necklace would be received by people who know me, tbh – I’m not exactly known for my bold new fashion choices. But as quite a few other people in the thread have pointed out – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a necklace, or a subtle collar. A reminder can be, well, anything! A slut not wearing underwear for a day – that’s a reminder. Or, as the ever-lovely Miss Pearl suggested:

I adore the idea of having hidden text there, too.

When you talk about doing kink in public, people instantly have an idea in their heads, and it’s usually not a great one. And for valid reasons – involving people who don’t consent to being involved is no good. But public kink doesn’t have to be kicking a gimp-masked sub in the balls, or riding a ponyboy down the street. Subtle little persistent reminders of me being owned can be just as sexy as being overtly fucked up like a good and lowly slave.

The truth is, though, is that it’s so much simpler, to be owned. To walk inside after a long day, and know that I can shed the mask of vanilla life – finally able to return to my rightful place, on my knees. But what if… What if it didn’t have to be restricted to just discreet reminders? What if kink WAS the vanilla – out in the open, for everyone, instead of hidden behind closed doors? Wouldn’t that be interesting? I think it would.

What exactly that means, though – well, that’s really up to the reader, isn’t it? So, what do you imagine, in a world where kink is vanilla? Something like I wrote yesterday, where most jobs are normal but some people get special stress relief positions? That would be fun, obviously – that’s why I wrote so much about it yesterday! But there’s so many other things, other possibilities. Imagine going to your regular office job, seeing slaves tucked away under desks serving their owners, and not thinking anything of it. Mistresses holding punishments (or “punishments”, for their good boys) out in public – not for an extra layer of humiliation, but simply because that’s just the done thing! Designated areas outside stores for tying up your leashed toys – can’t have them coming in and making a mess, after all. You could CBT your property whenever you like, and it’s always guaranteed to get a crowd of people – not shocked onlookers, unable to believe the filth they’re seeing before them, but appreciative connoisseurs, respecting the artform and enjoying the vibes, like you would with any other street performer.

What a wonderful world such would be. Thanks for reading.

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