Resolutions, Day 15

Today’s recommended listening: “Love is Greed”, from the album “Gossamer”, by Passion Pit.

Honey could you put your arms around me slow,
Tell me things about that I’ll never know,
And tell me that you love me like you do,
And maybe I will too

Yes, as you might be able to tell from the lyrics-posting like I’m on Bebo in 2006, I’ve pretty much got no idea what to write about on here any more. It REALLY doesn’t feel like I’ve only been doing these for two weeks – I’ll be honest, I sort of thought I’d have more things to write about than I do. Then again, I don’t really do all that much, and most of my slutty thoughts have been aired out ad nauseam at this point, so… maybe it’s not so surprising after all?

I’m quite literally just staring at this now, wondering what else I can possibly write about. My day was pretty good, as they go – got paid, which is always nice. They gave us our last one early to get it out before the holidays, which just meant that it felt like an eternity between that one and now. I instantly put a chunk into savings, to start building that back up, and also made a repayment to my parents for paying upfront for my TV. I was originally going to buy it on finance and pay it back fortnightly or some such, but the only bank statement I had on hand just showed my first pay period, which was sort of adjusted due to me starting partway through one, so they couldn’t figure it out. My parents ended up offering to pay for it up-front, and I could pay them back instead of having paying some company with interest. It was really generous of them! I’m very lucky to have their support in reserve, although I try to rely on it as little as possible.

Anyway, between that and subtracting how much rent is going to be over the fortnight, it already feels like I don’t have much left… People in work today were talking about how steep rent is, and this place in particular feels especially high – but, as I’ve said before, a one-bedroom apartment where I don’t share facilities with flatmates/randos is the living arrangement I wanted, and I really do like this place. Sure, it’s expensive as hell (literally half my pay), but I mean – what else are you going to spend money on, besides where you live? You can skimp on the other things, but that one seems especially important. I just need to learn to manage everything else – and hopefully, with the holidays behind us now (unexpected costs, ho!) that should prove a lot easier.

In other news – NZ Blood have been getting on to me about donating again! Originally they notified me because there’s a blood drive going on at the place I originally donated, but seeing as that’s, uh, four hours away, that’s not exactly practical. I’m taking a look around here, though trying to figure out when and where would be best to donate again! And I think, when I’m there, I’ll try and get it set up so I can donate just plasma, as well – unlike blood, which I believe has a three-month wait in between donations, plasma you can give much more frequently. I really enjoyed myself the last time I went – it’s quick, and easy, and everybody’s very lovely about it – so if you’re able to donate, I really do urge you to! Plus, at least here, when your donation gets used in a transfusion or what have you, they notify you letting you know. Which is just a really cool feeling, honestly. Definitely going to do it again in the coming weeks!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gradually become starving over the last half-hour, and I’m going to cook some dinner. Thanks for reading!

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