Resolutions, Day 14

Today’s recommended listening: “Pale Rapture”, by The Black Curtain, from the Homestuck album “coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B”.

I could make a million jokes about Homestuck here, but… It’s just nice.

Today was a nice day. Not THAT nice – it was still a Monday, and I had to go to work instead of dicking around on the couch watching Youtube documentaries about foreign sports teams or failed theme park rides. But on the whole, as far as Mondays go, it was good. We had a new starter in our team today, and she’s happier and more enthusiastic about working here then I have ever been, I think, in my entire life. It’s very cute, and she seems like she’ll be a delight to work with. So that’s fun! I’m already feeling like a grizzled old veteran of working at this place, despite having been here *checks calendar* not even two full months! But it really is a nice place to work, and everyone in my team is great. It’ll be a shame to be apart from them a couple days a week!

Yes, as I think I mentioned in a previous one of these, we’re bringing in a BUNCH of new staff to our team in the near future, and seeing as this role is one that really works best when you’re able to turn and talk to a co-worker about things, that means we’re also going to need a bunch more desks. Which means rostering working from home! Already the two other people who started at the same time as me have figured out their days, it seems – I won’t be seeing either of them tomorrow. I don’t mind working from home, personally (once I get myself sorted with the right cables and adapters and what have you). I wouldn’t be able to do it every day, though – without having that driver to actually leave the house and go talk to people, I probably… wouldn’t, all that much. And last I checked I don’t think that’s overly healthy for me! But a couple of days a week should be just fine, and we’re always able to communicate through chat and such anyway, so it’s not really that bad. Plus, we’ve progressed past the stage where we constantly need that guidance/support for the majority of the time in this role, so I certainly can (and most likely will) do it when needed – it’s just not my preference ATM.

What else, what else… Oh, I went over and had dinner with friends tonight! Which, weirdly, I was actually instinctively annoyed at, because it ruined my “cook dinner and then have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow” plan that I usually work with, lol. But I haven’t seen them in a while, and seeing as they’re my best friend and his girlfriend (who is also great) it’s not like I actually minded. It’s not the shortest walk in the world, about half an hour or so, but it’s infinitely preferable to being a multi-hour bus ride away! I love being able to just make plans on a whim like that and go and see them. We didn’t do too much – ate some dinner, chatted about nonsense, played a card game (Unstable Unicorns! It’s a good time), talked some more nonsense… I’ve also got another old friend coming down for his belated birthday barbecue on the weekend, so that should be fun!

It was pretty late when I walked back home, but honestly it was really nice. It was still pretty warm, there was a lovely breeze, the roads were quiet but not spooky quiet. I just threw my headphones on and found my way back home again – after which I threw Mistress Charlotte’s collar around my neck and lapped up some water from a bowl. Truly I contain multitudes. By day – mild-mannered office boy / guy who hangs out on the couch. But by night… equally mild-mannered collared slaveboy / slut who, uh, still hangs out on the couch. Oh, and he’s also a slut during the day, but it’s just less, like, overt, more of a passive thing, y’know.

…anyway. Multitudes, I promise. Thanks for reading.

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