Resolutions, Day 12

Recommended listening: “Rockin’ Rockin'”, from the NEO: The World Ends With You soundtrack.

Yes, I know I listen to a lot of game music. I’m working on it!

Hello! I went on another walk down memory lane today – a BIG one. I started by heading to another house we used to live in – the one we lived in up until we moved out of the city, in fact. It’s weird to see it still looking exactly the same. But what was even weirder, was the huge subdivision that’s going up nearby. All this development that’s gone on in the years I’ve been away… Well, in some places, anyway. Others are still abandoned, left after the earthquakes and just never returned to. It just blows my mind to think about it – all those years! But anyway.

After I visited our old house, and looking at a few of the other memories in the area, I got lost for a while walking through part of the new subdivision, and eventually found myself more or less where I started. I just sort of let myself wander through the streets for a while after that – past my old high school, the dairy we used to go to for sweets… My OTHER childhood library! It’s a tiny little place, in a little shopping mall, but I still just adore it. That was the closest I ever got to having a dream job, I think – I often imagined myself working in there, getting a house across the road… Maybe some day I’ll be able to figure that out – but for now, I’m happy where I am.

Once I’d had my fill of memories, I just kept wandering, but more generally in the direction of where I thought my house was. I tried to make it so I didn’t check Maps or anything, get myself used to the area again – but by the end of my walk, I was so warm and tired that I ended up just getting myself oriented in the right direction .

I walked in the door after a two-hour walk, somewhat exhausted and sore-footed, and instantly kicked off my shoes, socks, jeans – straight into my summer slut attire. I poured myself a bowl of chilled water from the fridge and lapped it up so quickly I gave myself a little brain freeze.

And, not to brag, but those are some pretty big steps, too.

That was mostly the highlight of my day, tbh! Nothing too exciting or slutty going on here. I did some cleaning around the place, put away a few things I’d just sort of been leaving around… I know I often act like it, but I’m not ALWAYS being a whore. I mean, I am, but more, like, passively, y’know? Like if someone wanted to bend me over something and rail me (or one of the OTHER options available in today’s fun poll, be sure to share it (and me!) with your friends!) I’d of course be receptive to that, but… Being a slut is my life, but it’s not always an ACTIVE thing that I can make happen. Sometimes you just have to sit around on the weekend and do some chores.

And, yet, like I’ve said before – even while I’m sitting on the couch, I’m always collared. Even while I’m scrubbing the shower, I’m owned property. When I come home from a walk, I drink from a bowl on the floor, as I do every day. Last night I slept on the floor, for goodness’ sake! Maybe I’m sluttier than I think I am… That’s a nice comfort. Thanks for reading.

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