Resolutions, Day 11

Recommended listening: “Resurrections”, from the Celeste OST, by Lena Raine.

I’m gonna start doing these, if I feel like it! It’s just something I was listening to at work and, uh, it’s really good.

Well, the seemingly inevitable has happened – COVID has come to town. Not to me, not yet – but the shopping mall right across the street from where I live has been registered as a “location of interest”. I haven’t been in there for ages, and I was already at work at the time that they listed, but… If it wasn’t feeling real for me already, it certainly is now. And it’s… scary, I guess. I mean, I’m vaxxed and all, and I’ll get my booster as soon as I’m able (still not for another month! 😭) but – it’s here, now. No denying that any more, I think.

Which I was kind of able to do before! I was living in such a small town, I was able to work from home, and I wasn’t the one doing the shopping. I’m in a big city now, so I suppose it’s to be expected that it’ll be much more of a thing. Luckily, where I’m working is VERY amenable to people working from home – in fact, we’ve got so many people coming in and so little space that we might have to start rostering people to work from home! So if we do have to lock down again, I think it’ll be ok.

What I’m more worried about is – now that it’s coming here, how long before it gets everywhere? Into small towns, like the one my family’s in? Will it be as widespread as everyone seems to think it will? How will the hospitals cope? Not for me, but for my sister, who pretty much always needs medical attention of some sort or another? And she’s the most immuno-compromised person alive, on top of that.

It’s all just kinda tough to think about in such specifics, I guess. People have been doing pretty good with wearing masks when required, which is great – but have they been properly checking in with the QR codes at places? Getting their jabs? Washing their hands? Isolating if they notice symptoms? I don’t know! I fucking hope so!! I don’t know how people would handle another lockdown – there’s already more anti-mask and anti-vax people around than I would like (which is none), and I suspect the general public wouldn’t be pleased. But with how fast Omicron spreads, would we see one? I just don’t know.

And I think that’s what’s scariest, is just not knowing. I still believe that things will be ok – hell, things aren’t even BAD here yet! It could be that everybody’s efforts in getting vaxxed and masking up have been enough! But it’s uncomfortably real for me now, and… I just don’t know. Thanks for reading.

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