Resolutions, Day 10

10 days of doing daily writing! I’m keeping up pretty good so far, I think! Although coming up with new ideas every day, even if it’s only for 30 minutes, isn’t easy. For me, anyway! Luckily I always have the option of pivoting into “ain’t I just such a slut?”.

I’ve never considered myself a writer at all, even casually, before I started doing this blog for Mistress Charlotte. And even this only started as a place to keep the one-off little drabbles she asked me to write. Despite it long-since turning into more than that, though, I guess I still don’t “consider myself a writer”, tbh. Ideas just come to my head and I throw them onto the page as quick as I can. If I take the time to think about them, I know I’ll second-guess myself and rewrite so much it’s completely different – and I’d rather not do that.

Because, despite what my head and heart insist should be true – folks do seem to like the stuff I put up here! I’ve had multiple people, including some I trust incredibly dearly, tell me they’ve really enjoyed my blogs. Which is just… mindblowing, to me. From my perspective, what I write is 45% the word “slut”, 45% graphic descriptions of sluts getting obliterated, 5% innermost musings on femdom, and 5% heartfelt adoration for Mistress Charlotte. Which… OK, when I write it out like that, it actually doesn’t sound that bad. But do you know what I mean? It doesn’t feel like the sort of thing that should wow people, and yet it has, it seems. That just feels bizarre to me! But, I’ve learned to trust other people’s opinions of me over my own, sometimes – they have no reason to lie, so I may as well accept the compliment!

Mistress Charlotte once told me I had a way with words, which – to hear that from someone whose business is words, is just… Wow. She said my writing felt like a conversation with my subconscious, and as someone who has had more than a few hypnotic interactions with my subconscious over the years, I feel like she would know that better than anyone. My favourite thing that she’s said to me about my writing, I think, is that it was inspiring. Not in the traditional, uplifting, motivational sense – she said it made her ponder things that she could do to me that resulted in write-ups for her to enjoy. Which is not only totally lovely and more than a little hot – it’s also a win/win for everyone involved! She gets to fuck me up in unspecified and exciting ways, I get to be fucked up by someone who does it best, and then she gets to read about it all over again!

…I guess that’s actually two wins for her, then. A win-win/win?

What I’m trying to say is that I’m glad for a lot of things. I’m glad I made this blog, and I’m glad people read it. I’m glad people like it! I’m glad to have a relationship with a Mistress who inspires me to write in it, and I’m glad that those writings can inspire her in turn.

I’m glad for you, reading this, whoever you are. Thank you for reading.

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