Resolutions, Day 9

Hi! It’s Wednesday already! It really doesn’t feel like the holidays were only a few days ago – that time off is already a long-distant memory…

Of course, with Wednesday comes one of Mistress Charlotte’s lovely house rules – yes, that’s right, it’s Commando Day once again. Because of the timing of how my holiday leave worked out, this is only the second time I’ve ditched the undies for work here. It’s really interesting – it’s one thing to just go commando while you’re hanging around home, and that still certainly keeps you in the mindset of being a wanton slut. But actually being out in public is a whole other thing.

Even doing it while out shopping – which is still plenty slutty, mind – is a completely different feeling to sitting around co-workers, all day, and being conscious of your underwear situation the entire time. It’s like the feeling of exhibitionism, without anything actually being, uh, exhibited. Which is good, both in general (it’s not nice to involve unconsenting people in your kink stuff) and specifically for this situation (the only way this could ever get exposed is if my pants somehow came off, which is definitely NSFW behaviour no matter how much underwear you’re wearing).

Anyway, all that aside – I was pretty much constantly thinking about it! Mostly making sure my shirt was always tucked in, so one big stretch wouldn’t leave me overexposed. On top of that, every movement, every rub, every delicious little friction… I wasn’t, uh, visibly excited (if you’ll pardon the crudité), but I WAS pretty distracted throughout the day. And that’s emblematic of a pure-bred slut, right? My mind pretty much blank, and stuck thinking about sexier things – while having as few barriers as possible between me and being used by my superiors – just enough to keep me decent.

…there’s not really any other way to explain this one away, is there? You can’t just say “oh I forgot to put on underwear this morning” – you did this on purpose. Because your Mistress told you to. Because you’re a slut. It simply can’t be up for debate – non-sluts just don’t do this sort of thing! They go to work, and they do their jobs – they don’t fantasise about getting bent over the desk they’re sitting at and pounded, hard and rough. They eat lunch and chat with their co-workers, not wish they were bound and blindfolded in the break room, a public use whore, a stress relief sex toy, their little slave collar jingling with every thrust into them, every tug on their leash, every harsh spank to their ass. And when they get home, they certainly don’t put on that very same collar and dream about it all over again.

…speaking of getting home, though, that’s another thing. The walk home is always… interesting. I know in my head that nobody knows what I’m doing – or cares, for that matter. I’m just walking along, and they don’t give a shit. But what if they DID, though? Every eye on me, knowing exactly what I am… It’s a fun idea, isn’t it?

I don’t know what Mistress Charlotte’s intentions behind the Commando Day rule were, or if she even had any beyond “oh, this would be a fun thing to do to a slut”. Not that she needs any, honestly – we all know I’d obey any rule she set. I’m glad it’s affecting me so well, though – and I hope it’s making for some good wholesome slut-based enjoyment for her, too. Thanks for reading.

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