Resolutions, Day 8

Hi all! It’s been another lovely (HOT) day here today, but it’s looking like the rest of the week will be much cooler, which I’m looking forward to.

So, I saw a tweet show up on my TL this morning from a book called Miss Abernathy’s Slave Training Manual. Aside from sounding like a truly riveting read in general, the specific passage which was shown off was really interesting to me:

This seems to be talking about specifically *locked* collars, but the main points still stand.

I love reading the importance that is assigned to this collar. It’s somewhat of a… comfort, I suppose, to know that Dommes and subs across the world appreciate its significance. To be owned by somebody is not just to give yourself over to them and obey their orders (although it certainly is that) – it also means that they, too, are taking you into their hands. You belong to them, and they will look after you exactly as you need to be looked after – whether that’s loving care or being brutally used (or both!). The collar I wear is not a fancy BDSM thing – neither soft leather nor inescapable metal. It’s literally for a literal dog (fitting for a slutty puppy, no?). And yet, I adore it. The memory of the day I got it sits very warmly in my heart, and to hear the jingle jangle jingle of my owner’s tag at my throat always brings a smile to my face.

What interested me most was the text highlighted in the tweet by Miss Coral Reine – “submissives, take note: although you may wear the collar for years, do not make the mistake of thinking that the collar belongs to you.” This is something that has crossed my mind on a number of occasions when I’ve been writing about being a collared slut. And while I haven’t always done so, I do like thinking of it as Mistress Charlotte’s collar around my neck – her grip encircling my throat, reminding me exactly to whom I belong. Of course, being an owned little slave object as I am, the neck it goes around belongs to her too! I mentioned this in a reply to the tweet, and got the following response from Miss Reine:

This, to me, is the highest of compliments, the sort that just makes me melt where I kneel. And not just because somebody called me a good pup, although I do enjoy that – it’s the emphasis on being well-trained that turns me to a slutty pile on the floor. Because, you see – I didn’t train myself, obviously. That was all Mistress Charlotte. So for me to be seen as a positive reflection of all the time and effort she’s put into owning me – it’s simply delightful. I know that as her property, my behaviour reflects upon her, and so I try to conduct myself, to be respectful to my superiors. To know that the training she’s given me, to be her good boy, her obedient slut, is plain to others – I’m genuinely overjoyed.

I can wear her collar with even more pride, knowing that her work in training me to be her slave toy, her object, is being appreciated by the general public. By other Dommes, even! My main goal, when I’m representing my Mistress, is generally to be well-behaved and obedient – a tool that she can be proud of, and share proudly with others. “Look how roughly I can use this slut! And still he obeys every order – here, try him yourself!”

I know I’ve said this a few times now in various forms, but the fact that my training shines through so positively, even in such a small interaction, makes me a very happy slut indeed. I hope people continue to appreciate Mistress Charlotte’s work going forward. Thank you for reading!

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