Resolutions, Day 7

Well, my holiday is over. Back to work once again for this slut. It’s nice, though – I mean, I was certainly enjoying the time off, I always do, but I wasn’t really making the most of it, y’know? A lot of sitting around and watching TV. At least this way I’m forced to take a couple of walks a day and actually verbally talk to some people!

It’s felt like a particularly hot summer so far, although whether that’s the summer itself or me being in a new city (as much as your hometown can ever be a new city), I’m not sure. It’s not, like, insane heat wave levels of hot, but we’ve had high 20s, even getting into the low 30s on some days recently. (That’s, like, 80-90 degrees, if you’re the one country in the world that uses Fahrenheit.)

But with any hot summer, of course, comes cool drinks – and with cool drinks, comes me on my knees, lapping them up from my little puppy bowl. (Fun fact: cool drinks are not the only thing I’ve been made to lap up from my bowl this week. No, I shan’t elaborate.) One thing I particularly enjoy about the “cool drinks must be taken from a bowl on the floor, like a lowly slave” rule (aside from, like, every single thing about it) is that the position which makes it easiest to lap up a drink also puts me into a pretty perfect footrest position! Which is always a fun idea to think about.

I do wonder sometimes what exactly it is about objectification that I enjoy so much. Is it the feeling of being made less than human, less even than your typical sub, just an object to serve a singular purpose? The concept of being sculpted and formed, physically moulded into shape, and bound there? Is it the idea of being used for that purpose, unable to disobey, nor voice any complaints? After all – objects are not routinely consulted on how they are used.

I think the thing that led me to this new fetish most of all, though, is Mistress Charlotte. As she so often does. The story goes, that one time I thanked her for making use of her property, to which she responded that there was no need to thank her, no more than she would expect a chair to thank her for sitting on it. This did two things to my brain – first, I thought “oh, because being used is my purpose, just like being sat on is a chair’s, gotcha”. Secondly, I thought “wait, I could be her chair? I never thought about tha- ohhhhhhhh.”

(She also made reference to using me as a glass-topped coffee table, which… Yum. Love it.)

Then, a while after I had mentioned that I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about that idea, Mistress said that she had a new idea for a non-custom custom for me – a custom which would eventually turn into l’Objet d’Art. That, ultimately, is what has kept objectification going for me, I think. The fantasies she details in that file are just so deliciously perfect.

And yet, at the same time, they all also embrace a bit of that casual femdom spirit – with the possible exception of the slutty art installation hanging from the ceiling. They could all be enacted pretty quickly if she desired, without too much hassle of set-up. And the idea of just suddenly being turned into a coffee table, or a towel rack, or – well, whatever Mistress wants, really – it’s just too powerful to ignore. Too wonderful to not fall in love with.

Anyway, uh, like I was saying – sure is hot out, huh? I think I need another drink – feel free to use me for whatever you like while I’m down there.

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