Resolutions, Day 6

Hi! Today was hot as hell, and so I mostly spent it inside, hanging out washing and desperately keeping out of the sun. Not the most exciting way to end my holiday break, but that’s just how it is sometimes.

I was chatting with Mistress Charlotte earlier today about the photos she put up on her new Loyalfans account – which, btw, if you haven’t seen, you are missing out, and I advise you correct that as soon as possible. Following her is free, and she’s already posted some great stuff, and- ahem. Lost my train of thought.

Anyway, we were talking, and I mentioned how well she suits the vapourwave vibes she’s been putting out in some of her recent pics. But then, as I said that, I realised that she also suits quite a wide variety of other vibes! Queen on Her Throne, Fierce Goddess of the Wild – Domme In A Big Jumper and Comfy Pants, With A Cat On Her Lap. And in response to that, she said something rather simple, rather obvious, and yet at the same time something a lot of people seem to forget:

Versatility is fun.

I see it mentioned on Twitter reasonably often – the idea that a Domme is every bit as dominant whether she’s wearing leather or loungewear, sweatpants or a strap-on. The clothes themselves aren’t dominant, obviously, it’s the Domme within who brings that energy! Seems obvious, right? And yet, the fact that I DO see these sentiments shared so often makes me think that there are quite a few people (possibly sub dudes, maybe, so can say) who forget that.

And honestly that’s a real shame, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it sort of implies that a Domme has to acquiesce to a sub’s request (e.g. for a specific outfit) to be more, or “properly” dominant. Which… isn’t really how anything works. And then also, as Mistress Charlotte said, because versatility just IS fun! To be able to take that dominant energy and use it in such a variety of ways – not simply restrained to the confines of a specific scene, but just put out there into whatever form strikes her! How could that NOT be more fun? It reminds me of my thoughts on casual femdom, and I suppose the ideas are pretty intertwined in a way. Your Domme having the freedom to do what she wanta, act as she will, wear what she feels like – it just makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Much better than her having to have everything prescribed by someone else’s idea of what dominance looks like.

(And yes, I realise this is itself an example of a sub saying what dominance should look like, lol)

And that’s another thing, too – dominance looks different to everybody! For some it’ll be all leather or latex – others might not feel it unless they’re in full office clothes, your scary Boss. Some will show nudity, while others won’t. And the point is not that these are all fine examples of domination styles – although of COURSE they are – it’s that Dommes don’t have to choose one style or another and be stuck with it! They have the freedom, the versatility to do anything and everything – and if you embrace that throughout your journey into submission with them, you’ll both be much better off for it.

And these points go for subs, too, albeit to a bit of a lesser extent. If you’re a fetishist in just one area, then that’s all well and good, nothing wrong with that. But if you’re a submissive, and you’re able to show your submission in a number of different ways, be useful or fun to your Domme without restricting yourself to just one avenue of expression – I feel like it HAS to be more of a fun experience for you both, right?

Ultimately, the point I’m trying to make is, well, that versatility is fun. For Dommes, for subs, for everyone. If you’re only comfortable with one thing, then that’s fine – but if you’d like, try exploring something new! Branch out into other areas, try on a new outfit, just have fun with it! You can be anything you like, honest.

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