Resolutions, Day 5

Hey, how’s it going everyone? Future Morgan here – not THAT far in the future, mind, just after I’ve finished writing this. I end up talking a lot about hypnosis in this one, and while I feel like most of what I’ve said has been said by hypno-dommes (i.e. People who actually know their shit) before, I’m not in any way qualified in hypno, nor am I experienced from the hypnotist’s side. So, while I do think everything here is mostly true, please take it with a grain of salt – and if you ARE a hypnotist, and I’ve said something wrong / misleading, I’m always happy to be corrected. Ok, let’s go.

Well, I was GOING to go to the library today – a friend of mine works there, but he’s assigned to different branches all the time, so I asked when he would be at one near me and I could go catch up with him. Fun, right?

Except he messed up the days and times he was working, so I headed out around 5, only to get there and realise that they CLOSE at 5 on the weekend! Ah well, no big loss really – it’s probably for the best that I get more walks in anyway, even short ones.

Hmm, what else did I do today? Went out shopping and got a few things for around the house – a colander for pasta, a bigger bowl for noodles. Oh, I picked up some stick-on hooks to put by the door, so my keys and mask (and collar!) can stop cluttering up my desk! Not that my collar’s anywhere but around my neck when I’m at home anyway, but y’know. It’s fun.


The biggest thing that happened today though, one worthy of celebration – Mistress Charlotte opened up a Loyalfans page! From what I’ve seen so far, the site looks like it will be a lot of fun – and I’ve seen plenty of other Dommes really enjoying themselves there, which is always lovely to see. Unlike some other fan sites, they actually seem willing and even eager to support the sex work side of things, and while they still have their own banned words (of which “hypnosis” is one, of course) – the fact that hypno-dommes are able to set up and even thrive there shows that they’re willing to work with content like that, even if you can’t talk about it.

I said as much in the tweet I linked up there, and there are countless hypno practitioners MUCH more qualified than me to speak to this, but it still bears repeating – hypnosis is not evil. So often it’s framed the bad guy, as if it’s this forceful, predatory thing – like people are taking these poor little subs and brainwashing them into things they don’t want to do. And it’s simply not true. Obviously, right? That’s just not how hypnosis works. As the wonderful Ember once said:

If they could just mind control everyone into doing things against their will, do you think they’d be putting up with so much shit just to, y’know, try and do their jobs?

Hypnosis, like with all BDSM, is (or should be) built on a foundation of trust, and consent, and respect. Do I hand over control to Mistress Charlotte? Yeah, of course! But not because I don’t want to – NEVER because I don’t want to. I listen to the files that I want to listen to, because she’s provided information on what they’re about, and I (a consenting adult!) read those descriptions and decide for myself. If she wants to Assume Direct Control and trance me herself, great! But that’s something we’ll have TALKED about and decided that – as two consenting adults – we’re ok with!

I trust Mistress Charlotte VERY much, at this point. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t still be here, three years on. (The same goes in reverse, of course – Mistress trusts me, too – but that’s not as applicable right now.)

But that doesn’t mean that you need to chat with someone for years before you decide to try hypno with them, obviously! I also trust MYSELF not to be an idiot. If someone comes up to me and says “ooooo you are feeling very sleepy, give me your credit card number and the three funny digits on the back” – well, clearly I’m not going to do that. Get to know people, take a look at their works, see if they’re the sort of person you want to be mesmerised by. Don’t just jump in with your eyes closed.

(Although even if you DO – HYPNOSIS STILL ISN’T DANGEROUS! You cannot be made to do things you don’t want to do! If you do, then you either actually did want to, or you would’ve under any other form of encouragement.)

Bottom line – hypnosis isn’t evil, and it shouldn’t be treated like it is. Build trust with your Domme, be trustworthy yourself, and you’ll have beautiful experiences together. I can promise you that much. Thank you for reading.

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