A couple of special thank-yous: to Mistress Charlotte, for suggesting today’s topic, and for loaning me out; and to the lovely Hypnotic Haylee, for melting my mind completely away.

This week’s blog topic comes straight from my ever-lovely Mistress. Her idea was simple – to choose an mp3 from one of her fellow hypno-Dommes, and write all about my experience with listening to it. She mentioned that she was enjoying turning me into a communal slut, and I have to say I thoroughly agree. To be loaned out like a toy, like an object, like a plaything – to please my Mistress’s friends, and by extension please her – to be used, with no concern for my thoughts on the matter – to obey, with no choice to do otherwise.

In other words, to be whored out to her friends.

It’s such a thrilling idea – and knowing that it all pleases Mistress Charlotte only makes me enjoy it more. I serve my Mistress’s friends, because it pleases them. And, because it does, it pleases her, too. So, pleasing her friends is the same as pleasing her. My own pleasure is secondary, a coincidental by-product – and absolutely beside the point.

Today, I’m visiting the lovely Hypnotic Haylee. She can be found here on Twitter, and has recently been enjoying draining, tormenting, and otherwise teasing the hell out of her slaves on her Loyalfans. I decided to listen to a file of hers that I’d heard only a couple of times before – the brainwashing, mind-numbing classic, Mind Melt.

Straight away, I can already tell that something feels very different. You see, all hypno-Dommes have a unique style to them, in the way that they present their files – from their voice (duh) to their manner of speaking, the words they choose, and even the backing tracks they use – it can all add up to make more of a difference than you might expect, even if they were working to the same general theme. Mistress Charlotte’s personal style, for instance, is thoroughly ingrained in my mind at this point – so much so that whenever I listen to anybody else it feels kinda like I’m a first-time hypnoslave again. Haylee is certainly no exception to that – as I lay back and relax, I can feel my mind relaxing too, conscious giving way to subconscious as her words slowly slip inside.

They’re good words, too – pretty much from the go I’m finding myself agreeing with everything she’s got to say, as I lay there and listen. Her voice is calming, and as I watch the patterns of light flickering across the underside of my eyelids, my mind just… drifts away. Dropping deeper into trance, deeper into her voice, deeper into her words.

She continues, her words seeming to slow everything down, until everything is still, and quiet, and peaceful. I’m practically asleep at this point, my mind and body are so relaxed. And then, her words take a bit of a turn. Changing from things that I find myself agreeing with – into things that I myself have thought before, on multiple occasions.

About how submission and surrender brings such wonderful pleasure.

About how obedience to a dominant Mistress is pure bliss.

About how pleasing my Mistress is my ultimate goal, and my only pleasure.

About how I want nothing more than to be an owned slave.

It’s a really powerful feeling, to hear your own thoughts verbalised by somebody else. Are they even my thoughts, at this point? Do I have (or need (or want)) thoughts of my own any more? Or am I just empty and blank, mindless until dominance is imprinted once again onto my mind? It’s an interesting idea. At some point I seem to have started stroking – it only spikes the arousal higher, drives home the extent to which I need this, need the submission, the loss of control. Can you lose control if you never truly had it? Did I really have any power here to begin with?

At this point my mind is just about fully gone – melted, if you will – turned to nothing more than liquid submission and surrender and need.

Everything she says is true. It feels so much better to be blank and empty. Being a slave is all I want, all I need. I crave the addictive feeling of being owned, more than anything else. I would do anything to please my Mistress, and she knows that all too well. Her words just continue entering my mind, one inescapable truth after the other. I could never resist the siren call of obedience – would never want to resist the feeling of satisfaction that it brings. Pleasing my Mistress is my heart’s only desire.

And then, as her voice fades from my ears, and I feel myself returning to the land of the living, I feel… exactly the same. I’m still just as much a slave – a plaything – an object for my superiors’ pleasure. The truths she spoke are still just as true – I still exist to serve and obey dominant women, always and in all ways. And it’s beautiful.

If you enjoyed this – if any of this struck a chord with you – if you’re as much of an owned slut as I am – I really do implore you to check out Hypnotic Haylee, either on Twitter or Loyalfans. You can find Mind Melt at her store here, and I promise you – you won’t regret it. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts

  1. As a long time slave of Goddess Haylee, i can attest to the power of Her Voice… reading this i simply had to listen to this particular file, which i have not for a long time (so many files…). It is easy to forget… or remember to forget… just how much influence any of Her files has on me… but as i listened, i realized how much everything She says in this file affects me every day… every moment… words and thoughts… that i sometimes think are original i realize and remember… “oh… Goddess implanted that so long ago…”

    my Surrender to Goddess Haylee is an intense need… i need to surrender to Her and i do surrender to Her… completely… i want to Please Her with every fiber of my being…

    i serve Her… do i even have a will… thoughts… of my own? As the need to please Her grows ever more intense, i can only think… these are Her thoughts… Her words… i… am…. Hers…

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    1. So, so lucky! Thank you for taking away my control, for reminding that submission, obedience, and pleasing my Mistress are all a slave wants, all a slave needs in their life.


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