New Boy

Special thanks as always, as ever, to Mistress Charlotte. You make me want to be better.


Good morning,

Thank you for attending the interview at our offices last week. I am pleased to be able to offer you a position as a [Service Level User Technician] with our company. In the coming weeks you will receive a copy of our company orientation video, which will help guide your next steps. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Hello there. On behalf of all of us here, I’d just like to say – congratulations, and welcome to the company family! We know an employee of your calibre would have had many competing offers, so thank you for choosing us. I’m sure that before long you’ll see why we’re leaders in our field, and we’re all excited to have you join us on our mission in your role of [Service Level User Technician].

Now, before we bring you into the office and get you meeting everybody, there’s a few technical things we have to take care of – mostly legal mumbo jumbo, HR stuff, you know. You should have received your employee contract in the post by now – if you haven’t already, make sure to flip through it and sign on all the dotted lines. You may have noticed that it’s a little chunkier than contracts you’ve had in the past – due to the nature of our work here, there’s a few extra conditions we need to include. I’ll save you the effort of reading through it yourself – surely you’ve got more important things to do than read this stuff, it’s more than a little dry! It’s mostly provisions we put in place to make sure that you’re well looked after in your time here. We really do care about all our employees here, and this contract allows us to look out for you and help with everything you need.

Once again, welcome aboard! We’ll be seeing you around the office soon, so get yourself ready! You’ll be hitting the ground running, and we don’t want you completely swept off your feet. Not yet, anyway.

Hiya! This is your scheduled one-month check-in. We make sure to send these out to all our new employees, to make sure they’re doing alright. For some, this can be a difficult role to step into – and we want you to know that we’re always here to support and guide you, whenever you need it. Between us all we’ve got a LOT of experience – you could say we know what you need better than you do! In fact, we are saying that. We know what you need better than you do.

One thing I will recommend to everyone in the [Service Level User Technician] role is: lower your inhibitions! Even people who think they’ve lowered them quite a bit are surprised to realise just how low they can really get. Just remember that there’s no need to put up a front here – your previous roles may have required some “thinking” or independence on your part, but that’s not the case here, [Service Level User Technician]! Whether you’re supporting our senior staff here in the office, or you’re out in the field to service clients – you’ll never be required to take the initiative. Just follow our guidance – just listen to what we have to say – just obey – and you’ll be perfectly fine!

Our company really values professional growth, and providing our employees with plenty of opportunities to learn. If you ever have any questions, or you’re not sure what to do with yourself – our doors are always open, and we’re always happy to steer you towards just the right thing for you.

Ah, Morgan, there you are. Please, come in – close the door, would you, there’s a good boy. Now, sit.

Good, good! I’ll admit that was a little test, and you passed with flying colours – I’m glad to see you know furniture isn’t for you! Kneeling there suits you much better, after all. Now, as you know – no, don’t get up now, just stay there. As you know, this is your semi-annual performance review. It’s nothing scary, really – just checking in to see how you’re doing in your first six months here at the company. So far I have to say I’m very impressed! Nearly all of your clients have given positive feedback for you, saying you seemed almost desperate to please them. Which is just great! A lot of our [Service Level User… well, I don’t really need to bother with all of that around you, do I? You know what you are by now, I think.

Anyway, a lot of our sluts find themselves keeping the frankly selfish mindset that their pleasure is somehow more important than the one they’re serving. But you… you seem to get it. You understand that any pleasure you receive is more a coincidence than anything else – not important, and certainly not the point of your work here. And that’s just wonderful! Being in the right frame of mind really shapes the rest of what you do here, and judging by the reviews you’ve been receiving, it’s clearly paying off.

You’ve really taken to the “uniform” as well, I see. Show it off for me, will you? No – don’t get up. You should be able to do this much on your knees. Ah, very nice. It’s a comfortable size, I hope? Padlock’s not too heavy? Good, good. Put it away, now, slut. You and I both know that thing isn’t really relevant to your work here – probably best for everyone involved if it stays locked away, I think.

Now, there are a few items I’m seeing here on the “needs improvement” list. Most notably, I’m seeing a few people around the office here have reported you hesitating to carry out orders, sometimes even flat out refusing them. And that’s… really disappointing, Morgan. I know you can do better than this, so it’s a shame to see you waste your potential like this. So- …what’s that? You’re saying you’ve never turned down an order? That you always eagerly obey? That’s a serious accusation to be throwing around like that – do you really expect me to believe your word over theirs?

Of course, there’s no need for this to go beyond a warning – perhaps you could convince me? Put your skills into practice, so to speak? Oh, don’t be such a prude – HR needn’t find out, this’ll be strictly between us. What do you say, slut? Just slip under my desk there, put that chatty little mouth to its real use for a while, and I can make it all go away… Ah, good toy. I knew you’d do the right thing. Just get yourself into place there, don’t mind me, I just need to… *click*

Oh, what’s that? Why the restraints? Well, I mean – you’d be staying there as long as I say anyway, right? So, does it really matter whether you can free yourself or not? Now, get to work, and I’ll finish up the rest of this performance review. On the whole, slut, I have to say you’re showing- mmm- a lot of potential this early in your career. If you just keep your head down – mmm, further down – and that sweet little ass up, I daresay we could make a lifelong whore out of you yet! Doesn’t that just sound wonderful? Can’t you just imagine doing nothing but this, nothing but getting fucked, feeling used, and providing pleasure to your superiors, for the rest of your days?

Just something to think about for future development. Speaking of, is there any – ooh – training you’d be interested in pursuing? Any new skills you’d like to have? …are you trying to say it’s up to me? Ha! You ARE a good slut. I’ll have to tell HR they made a great choice in sniping you. Or, well, I suppose they’ll find out soon enough – I think their department is up first, so they should be along any time now.

…don’t give me that look, whore. Didn’t I mention this was part of the six-monthly review process? Throughout the rest of the day, every single person in the office will be coming in this room to use you – and they’ll be “coming in this room”, too, if you catch my drift. Think of it as like a… team-building exercise. You’ll get to re-introduce yourself to everyone, they’ll get to fuck the daylights out of your slutty holes. You get to feel used and debased – which I know you love, don’t even try and pretend – and they get to relieve some stress. You get to service an entire building, and they get to ruin a desperate bitch. It’s a win-win! Honestly, it’s just a wonderful mental health service you’re providing, here – maybe we’ll make it a more regular thing? Well. If you make it, that is.

Oh, here they are now! Right over here, guys. Sorry, I lost track of time, let me just get his pants out of the way – stop squirming, slut, you’re really not helping things here. There we go! Won’t really be needing these for the rest of the day, will you? To sum up your review, slut – you’re doing a great job. Keep it up and you could be one of the best! Did you have any other questions?

…I’ll just put that down as “happy moaning sounds”. See you later, then!

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