Beauty is Truth

Special thanks to Mistress Charlotte. For everything. Forever.

Beauty is truth; truth, beauty – that is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need know.

John Keats, “Ode on a Grecian Urn”

So, I’m just gonna come out and say that I don’t really know where this one’s going ahead of time. I have a few pretty nebulous ideas kicking around my head about how D/s is beautiful, and I felt like maybe it’d be nice to share them? I’m writing this before I put anything else to paper, so… I hope it all coalesces into something nice, in the end. Enjoy(?).

The world, I think, is beautiful.

“Now, hold on a second there, bucko,” I hear you say. Or, you might say that, if you were some manner of… cowboy, I guess? Do they say that? Does anyone?

Anyway. “Now, hold on there, pardner,” I hear you saying. “I have it on pretty good authority that the world, in fact, sucks shit and is terrible. Just look at, well, everything!”

And, yeah. I’m not for a second going to try and tell you that every single thing in the world is good. I know all too well that sometimes awful things just happen – not for any greater good or as part of a plan, but just because. And I’m certain you know this all too well, too. Everybody has a story that’d break your heart to hear it – and if you didn’t before the last couple years, you probably do now.

But! A sunrise is still beautiful. Birdsong is still beautiful. Having a good laugh with friends, the presence of a loved one, getting headbutted by your cat – these, too, are beautiful. And, despite it all, for me, for you, for countless others – submission is still beautiful. Dominance is still beautiful. All of this, this little world of D/s – there is a beauty in it.

We’ll do submission first – because, surprise, surprise, guess it comes more naturally to me. Who would’ve guessed?

I, personally, love submission. I’ve often struggled with shyness and over-thinking, getting in my own head and second- and third-guessing situations until I just end up doing nothing at all. When I first met my Mistress, I was anxious as hell – I’d never done anything like this before. But over time, I got my confidence up, with Mistress even saying since then that I’m much less nervous than I once was – even enjoying a bit of showing off every now and then.😉 I feel like this has extended out beyond just confidence in kink, as well – in fact I’d be happy to say I’ve become a better person since becoming owned. And it’s not just that – I can feel myself wanting to be a better person. Bettering myself, for her, as her property – becoming the best slave I can for her. The slave that she deserves. A sub reflects on his Mistress, and I want to make myself an object worthy of praise. Not praise for myself, necessarily, but for her. She makes me want to be something other Dommes could look at and say “wow, you’ve trained him so well!”

But it wouldn’t be submission if I just talked about how it benefited me, now would it? To live for the pleasure of someone else, to keep her in the forefront of my mind always – there’s something truly wonderful about that. I can make a real, tangible difference in the life of somebody I care very much about. I can make her happy. It doesn’t matter that I love to do it, love to be used for her amusement – she’s the only thing I need to focus on. It’s her pleasure that’s the important thing. And that’s the really interesting part, to me. I still get pleasure, of course, but only as a by-product of her own. Service to her IS my pleasure, now, an inextricable link carved into my mind. It just makes everything so much… simpler. I can just put all of myself into that one task, pleasing my Mistress. Her wish is my command – her command is my wish. What she wants, I want. And I think that’s beautiful.

Now, obviously, I can’t speak as well to the beauty of domination from the Domme perspective. Of course I can’t! But I can try and convey how it feels to me.

I mentioned earlier how I was once more of a reserved guy than show-off, more quiet than slutty. And while some of that is owed to feeling more comfortable in my shoes, I think the vast majority was drawn out of me by Mistress Charlotte. She was always giving me tasks early on, pushing my boundaries into places I would never have dreamed of going without her. Taking me out of my comfort zone, but a step at a time – slowly, but inexorably, bringing me into the world of the slave. And she was never afraid to tell me that she was enjoying my service, either. A (much) younger Morgan may have had the idea that all Dommes were man-haters, who lived to fuck up slaves and didn’t give two shits about them. But this wasn’t like that. She let me know when I was doing good, when I was serving her pleasure – and she let me know when I’d messed up, too. That was also something I appreciated – she wouldn’t just ignore fuck-ups and power through them for the sake of tributes. If she didn’t like something, she’d speak up – as she mentioned once to me:

[Not telling you when you’ve fucked up] would lead to my not enjoying your company, why would I want that?

And that was beautiful. To know that I was something she could enjoy. I know all too well – as I’m sure you do too – how shitty things can be for SWs on the internet. Especially dominant ones, and ESPECIALLY especially dominant women. To be able to distract from that, provide a refuge, a respite – to be a stress toy, even, when necessary – all I can say is “beautiful”. I want our dynamic to be something she enjoys, always, and it’s nice to know that by being with her, she has made me that thing, for her. I’m not so self-deprecating to think it was all her – I like to think I was an alright guy before I was a slave! – but being hers has been a transformative experience. I see a marked difference between who I was and who I am now – and I’m excited to see who I will be after another three years. This is what domination is all about, to me – taking that which you want from someone who is willing to give it. Moulding their will to better suit your own, taking them with you on this journey through kink. I feel honoured to have earned her trust, to be by her side – on my knees at her feet, in my place beneath.

Submission feels… familiar to me, now. Like coming home. It’s warm, and welcoming, and lovely – ever-present in the back of my mind, like an old friend. Domination, too, feels like being greeted by a loved one after a long day. And none of that detracts from the fact that she could (and does!) fuck me up at a moment’s notice, activating my slave-brain with a word and sending me deep down into total obedience. These truths can exist side-by-side – domination can be dark, and devious, but also sweet, and caring. Submission can be all about obeying every filthy command I receive, but it can also be sending for a nice lunch after a terrible day. A D/s dynamic can be lovely chats into the night about everything and nothing, or kind thoughts when someone’s really going through it, or slutty photoshoots that leave nothing to the imagination.

It’s all truth, and it’s all beautiful.

And so is the world. Because it has you in it.

Thank you for reading.

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