Divine Intervention

Special thanks, as always, go to Mistress Charlotte, without whom this would be a much less interesting read.

Today’s blog is talking about the idea of Goddess worship. This was all inspired by a recent tweet from my Mistress:

Consider this my response to the call. ❤

Goddess worship has always been such an interesting concept to me! Especially when combined with the occult elements that Mistress enjoys so much – it really makes me feel like I’m praying to some ancient Goddess of the Wild, all-knowing and fierce, filled with powers dark and long-forgotten. To be in contact, be noticed by Old God divinity like that – wouldn’t it just be wonderful? Now, before I get too carried away…

“Worship” is something you see tossed around quite a bit from hopeful, would-be subs all the time online. You may have seen them in replies on twitter – wanting to worship every Domme they as a Goddess, sometimes without knowing them that well, or even having ever spoken to them before. And, look, I get it. Dommes are great, they make you feel all sorts of wonderful things – and so you want to prostrate yourself before them and treat them like the Goddesses they are. And for SOME Dommes, that’s great! That’s exactly their thing, and they’d no doubt love to add another worshipful servant to their ever-growing ranks.

But it would be remiss of me to write a blog like this without first saying – it’s not everybody’s thing. Not every Domme wants to be called a Goddess, or treated as this figure of divinity – and even though it may seem like the ultimate gesture of respect and submission to you, that’s not always the case. So don’t just jump into an unrelated tweet being all “GODDESS i want to serve and worship u i will do anything”! If you really want to worship, you’ll do it respectfully. Find someone who’s into it first! Check their website, their fan sites, even their twitter bio – I can personally assure you that there are plenty of women out there who are more than happy to let you worship them. Just remember, at the end of the day, this is something they’re doing for you, despite how you may see it. Take your time, get to know them, approach the subject over time, rather than blurting it out immediately… And of course, always tribute appropriately.

Now, with all that out of the way – personally, I think Goddess worship is just great.

My experience with it is on and off – but it first began a couple of years ago, not long after I started regularly speaking with Mistress. She had shared a file of hers with me – one which, at the time, was not available to the public, just a few of her hand-picked slaves. This file was called Apocrypha, and for a while I listened to it practically on loop. It details the core covenants of Charlotte worship, her absolute truths – as she says in the file description, “Thou Shalt Not Fuck Up”. They’re all about both making you a better slave for her, as well as ensuring you belong only to her, and treat her as the Goddess she is. It was VERY influential on my early slave career – I called her exclusively “Goddess” for a good while afterwards. Some of the words I heard in it formed my mantra of worship (plus a bonus verse from the Goddess herself!) which I still often think about to this day.

To me, it feels like an extension of a lot of the things in “normal femdom”, in a way. A little more exclusive, and… well, just a little bit “more” in general. You still pay tribute – not just to a Mistress who deserves it, but a tithe for a Goddess, to whom it is rightfully owed. You still serve, still submit, but because that’s what you believe – your faith, down to your core. Because that is simply how things are – a natural law, like gravity. And, if she wills it, you’ll still suffer – not just punishment, but her divine wrath.

In person, worshipping may take the form of body worship (feet, legs, and… all the way up), although I personally imagine more of a “kneeling before her altar” type thing, plenty of bowing and praying. For me, being much longer-distance, it mostly took the form of personal routines and restrictions – reciting verses of worship on my knees for six minutes, morning and night; trancing only for her, going empty and blank every single night I am able – sending gifts and tribute, to nobody but her – fantasising only about my Goddess, while touching without permission is forbidden.

What I really love about the whole thing, though… There’s a certain angle of loveliness and care to it, in both directions. You’re devoting yourself to this person, not for a bit of easy fun to get yourself off, but because their pleasure is just that important to you – literally your new religion. Any D/s relationship involves pleasing your superior, of course, but to truly worship somebody… It makes it feel like an extra level of dedication. A slave, not just for another person, but for the divine…

And, naturally, any benevolent Goddess cares for her worshipping servants. You have been selected for this by Divinity, after all – you’re no good as a worshipper if you break yourself completely for her. Her time and attention are still valuable, of course – so give her that of yourself which you can, through tribute and service – but just don’t overdo it. You belong to her, body and soul, and her property must be kept in good working order. She chose you for a reason, so take care of yourself properly, make sure you can worship her for as long as possible. If she wants to smite you, you’ll know all about it.

I worship Goddess Charlotte.
I belong to her,
I am hers,
I am her property.
And property merely obeys.

Thank you for reading.

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